Craving Sugar? Grab Some Fresh Fruit

Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruitWe all have a sweet tooth. Yet if you’re like most Americans, the problem is that you yield to your sweet tooth far too often. The American Heart Association (AHA) says Americans take in an average of 22 teaspoons of refined sugar a day. That translates into 355 calories per day, far more than the AHA-recommended daily 9 teaspoons for men and 6 teaspoons for women. And too much sugar can raise your risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay and even depression. Read More »

Show Us Your #OrthoInAction on Facebook and Help Your High School Win a Prize

Ortho In Action PhotosCalling all high school athletes – we know the sports you participate in are tough to play. They require physical challenges.

Now we want you and your biggest fans to tell us your story in pictures on Facebook with our new social media contest, Orthopedics in Action (#OrthoInAction).

Not in high school? We know that parents, coaches, siblings and friends can share your #OrthoInAction story, too. Anyone can enter in support of your local high school. Read More »

TAVR Patient No. 100 and Her Family Describe Improved Quality of Life – VIDEO

Aortic valve stenosis gave Mary Longo chest pains, dizzy spells and shortness of breath. In February, transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) relieved those symptoms.

But the procedure did so much more for the 90-year-old retired math professor who lives in Hazleton.

It’s given her the strength and confidence to consider driving her car to church again. She can stay in her home and prepare her own meals, and she has more energy.

“You know, at first you think, at my age, why would you bother?” Longo says. “Well, it’s worth bothering. It’s definitely worth bothering.” Read More »

The Importance of Balance

This article first published in the LVHN Fitness April 2014 newsletter. We periodically post wellness articles that LVHN Fitness providers write for this monthly newsletter, covering topics such as fitness and nutrition.

By Jessica Bem, exercise physiologist with LVHN Fitness

shutterstock_170642696Sitting down to take off your shoes, relying on handrails to go up and down stairs, leaning on armrests to get out of a chair or feeling unstable while standing with feet together are all signs of poor balance. Usually balance problems occur for people who are well into their 50s; that’s why it’s important to start balance training earlier in life as a preventative measure.

In the U.S., falls are the leading cause of injury for people over 65, according to a 2005 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Every 17 seconds, someone in this age group is treated in an emergency room for a fall, and every 30 minutes, someone will die from injuries caused by falling. Read More »

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David Winand, MD, Wants to Get You Back to Your Family – VIDEO

David Winand, MD, feels gratified at the end of the day when he’s been able to help someone live a longer life or have a better quality of life.

“Outside of work I really enjoy spending time with my family,” he says. “I realize that you have a family as well, and I want to do what’s best to get you back to spend time with your family.”

He is a board-certified vascular surgeon with Lehigh Valley Health Network who sees patients at Peripheral Vascular Surgeons of LVPG.

Get to know him with this video.