Don’t Be a Distracted Driver

distracted driverIf you are drowsily driving home after a long shift, dancing too enthusiastically to the song on the radio or eating on the go, you are a distracted driver. Anything that causes you to take your attention away from driving, take your eyes off the road or take your hands off the wheel is a distraction.

“Motor vehicle collisions are the No. 1 cause of traumatic death,” says Robert Barraco, MD, a board-certified critical care surgeon with Surgical Specialists of the Lehigh Valley. “Nearly 80 percent of motor vehicle collisions involve driver distraction within three seconds of the crash.” There were more than 14,600 crashes in Pennsylvania last year that involved a distracted driver.

These are among the distractions that can cause you to take one hand off of the wheel and affect your ability to stay in your lane or react to changes on the road: Read More »

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Get the Skinny on Oils

This article first published in the LVHN Fitness March 2014 newsletter. We periodically post wellness articles that LVHN Fitness providers write for this monthly newsletter, covering topics such as fitness and nutrition.

By Kate Boardman, outpatient dietitian for the LVHN Weight Management Center

When you visit the cooking aisle of your local grocery store you will find many different types of oils made from nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.  You may feel overwhelmed about which one to choose. All of these oils have their own distinct flavor and cooking properties.

Plant oils are a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). When these heart-healthy fats are used in place of saturated fats (butter, lard, palm, kernel oil, coconut oil), they may help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Plant oils also provide essential nutrients, such as Vitamin E. Below is a review of popular plant oils. Read More »

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Stay Active by Taking Daily Walks

man walking dogsIt’s been a long, cold winter. You might have put on a few pounds due to decreased physical activity — and maybe you overindulged on treats while you were cooped up indoors.

One way to manage your weight is to maintain your daily activity level. It will be easier to do now that spring weather is around the corner.

Walking is a great way to stay active. You should take 7,000 to 10,000 steps per day. Besides helping you maintain a healthy weight, taking regular walks can:


Challenge yourself to increase your activity level by taking a brisk 30-minute walk five times a week. Read More »

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Food Label Changes Aim to Aid Healthier Choices

food nutrition labels

The current nutrition label is on the left. The label on the right shows the FDA’s proposed changes.

The familiar nutrition label on food packages is getting a makeover for the first time in 20 years. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed several changes to food labels to focus attention on the information that has the most influence on today’s public health issues.

“It’s going to have large print so that people are able to read it, identify the key parts of the nutrition facts label much more quickly,” Lehigh Valley Health Network registered dietitian Nancy Moore, with Sodexo and Pediatric Specialists of the Lehigh Valley, told WFMZ-TV’s 69News for a Thursday evening news report. Watch the video below.

Among the changes, serving sizes will be increased to more accurately reflect how much people consume in one sitting. Current serving sizes are based on the amount people “should” be eating, rather than how much they actually consume. For example, a 12-ounce bottle of soda now has an 8-ounce serving size, even though most people finish the entire bottle. Read More »

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Olympic Hopeful, Local Foods Featured in March-April Healthy You Magazine

Healthy You March 2014 CoverThe 2014 Winter Olympics have just ended, yet athletes are already planning for the 2018 games. Among the hopefuls is extreme skier Jackie Kling of Lake Harmony. Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) doctors got her career back on track with successful ACL surgery, and now Kling shares her story in the March-April issue of Healthy You Magazine.

The latest edition of LVHN’s bimonthly wellness magazine includes 24 pages of helpful tips and information, such as:

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