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Occupational Health

A healthy, well-informed workforce is essential for any kind of business. At our HealthWorks locations, we offer the care, training and education necessary for your business to thrive.

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Injury and illness treatment

HealthWorks medical directors are board-certified occupational medicine physicians.

Treating all work-related injuries and illnesses, HealthWorks provides a sophisticated occupational medicine program that helps reduce workplace injuries and return injured workers to the workplace quickly and safely.

A written medical release form, which includes return to work status, restrictions and treatment plan, is provided to the injured worker and a copy is faxed to the employer.

When follow-up treatment, testing or specialist evaluation is required, a case manager will coordinate appointment scheduling.

After-hours treatment for work-related injuries is provided around-the-clock in Lehigh Valley Health Network's emergency rooms located at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest, Lehigh Valley Hospital-17th Street and Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg. As a HealthWorks client employer, you will be contacted the next business day following employee treatment in an emergency department for a work-related injury.

On-site medical services

HealthWorks’ clients save money and downtime for OSHA-mandated testing and other occupational health and safety needs through HealthWorks’ on-site services.

  • Audiograms
  • Drug testing
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Vaccinations (hepatitis B, rabies post-exposure)
  • Screenings: glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol
  • Flu shot administration
  • PPD – tuberculosis skin tests

Physical exams

HealthWorks provides physical examinations to meet pre-placement physical exams.

Physical examinations are performed by a HealthWorks physician and are tailored to meet the requirements of the position. Employers are encouraged to provide a job description that outlines the essential functions of the position to assist the physician in assessing the ability of the individual to safely perform the tasks.

  • Pre-placement
  • Sports
  • School
  • Hazmat/Firefighter
  • Executive

Physical therapy and rehabilitation services

Post-injury, physical and occupational therapists help injured workers return to work quickly and safely through customized treatment plans that range from physical and occupational therapy, to work conditioning and transitioning.

Therapists also provide post-rehabilitation testing, training and fitness to help avoid re-injury. Worksite therapy can be arranged.

Educational programs

HealthWorks offers educational and wellness programs designed to address health and safety issues in the workplace. Presentations may be provided in a convenient “Lunch and Learn” format.

  • Exercise presentations – Helping employees reduce muscle tension and fatigue in the workplace, exercise physiologists offer exercise tips, relaxation techniques and stretching programs.
  • Stress management – The pace of today’s workplace moves faster and faster, and job stress poses an increasing risk to employee health. HealthWorks professionals can help employees understand the cause and the effects of stress and learn how to minimize its impact.
  • Supervisor/manager substance abuse training – Employers can help their supervisors and managers recognize the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol impairment. Participants learn to identify the physical, behavioral and performance indicators of probable alcohol misuse and the use of controlled substances.
  • Screenings – On-site screening services include blood pressure, blood glucose and blood cholesterol testing. Educational reference materials are also provided.
  • Bloodborne pathogen training
  • CPR/first aid
  • AED training
  • Back safety/stretching program – Physical therapy and rehabilitation services address preventive issues because cumulative trauma to the spine in the workplace often leads to on-the-job injuries. A back education program is a means to provide employees with information on the importance of good back care and each worker’s role in the process. Sessions, taught by licensed physical therapists, include the following topics:
    • Anatomy of the spine
    • Definition of common types of injuries
    • Definition of cumulative trauma
    • Risk factors that may lead to cumulative trauma
    • Education in the importance of good posture and body mechanics
    • Practice of safe lifting techniques
    • Benefits of exercise
  • A stretching and flexibility program is designed to focus on employees’ ability to keep muscles flexible and avoid sprain and strain injuries through workplace exercises. Programs are customized to meet unique company needs.

Substance abuse training

If you don’t have a corporate substance abuse policy and your workplace isn’t drug-free, you are considered to be the “employer of choice” for users, abusers and addicts.

An estimated 66 percent of drug users are employed. Substance abusers in the workplace jeopardize worker and customer safety and undermine company profitability.

HealthWorks provides testing for drug abuse and alcohol misuse. Specially educated staff members are responsible for specimen collection and execution of all chain-of-custody documentation.

Medical review officer (MRO) review and certification services are provided by five on-staff medical review officers.

HealthWorks also can assist in the process of developing a corporate substance abuse program and drafting a policy for review by the employer’s corporate attorney.

Evidential breath testing, provided by certified breath alcohol technicians (BATs), includes both breath alcohol screening and confirmation testing when necessary.

HealthWorks’ clients requiring around-the-clock access to drug-and-alcohol testing may register for the HealthWorks’ 24-hour testing services program through Health Network Laboratories. Registration can include technician dispatch on-site for reasonable suspicion or post-incident testing, as well as to any Lehigh Valley Health Network hospital emergency department for testing post-accident.

In addition to collection and complete testing and MRO services, HealthWorks offers “rapid results” testing that will detect negative results within several minutes. This testing facilitates pre-placement screening so the applicant can fill the job quickly, and expedites post-accident/post-incident/reasonable suspicion testing so the employee can return to duty immediately.

Department of Transportation (DOT) services

DOT-regulated businesses are responsible for ensuring their compliance with drug and alcohol testing requirements and physical exams. HealthWorks helps employers in the trucking industry and other DOT-regulated businesses comply with DOT regulations.

DOT physical exam – This helps certify a driver does not have any physical, mental or organic condition that might affect his or her ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. The exam incorporates the required medical assessment (including physical exam and review of medical history) and includes the DOT medical card.

Substance abuse testing – HealthWorks provides NIDA-approved urine testing for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and phencyclidine, as required by DOT. Specially educated clinical staff members are responsible for specimen collection and execution of all chain-of-custody documentation. Five on-site medical review officers are available for test review and certification.

Evidential breath testing – DOT-required breath alcohol tests are performed by certified breath alcohol technicians (BATs) and include both breath alcohol screening and confirmation testing when necessary.

DOT consortium – HealthWorks’ client companies participate with other employers to meet the Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations’ random urine controlled substances and alcohol testing regulations. This consortium for CDL/DOT drivers ensures the employers’ compliance with requirements for random testing. Quarterly random “pulls” will determine which consortium participants require testing. The low maintenance and administration fee includes the required statistical summaries and reports.

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