Workplace Reasonable Suspicion Training

LVHN Occupational Medicine provides education to supervisory level employees to identify the signs leading to reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol use in the workplace. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Regulation Part 382.307 and Part 382.603 identify a minimum of one-hour of training on effects of alcohol use and one hour on effects of drug use. LVHN Occupational Medicine follows this standard for all industries as it provides the most comprehensive training for any work environment.

Each reasonable suspicion class lasts two hours in a classroom style setting. Classes are held onsite at the company’s facility. If the facility cannot accommodate presentation to the required number of managers/supervisors, alternate arrangements can be coordinated.

The class consists of presentation by a registered nurse (RN), visual materials, and exercises to promote comprehension.

For more information about LVHN Occupational Medicine services, contact or call Scott Appnel at 610-969-2972.