Surgeons at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) offer the most expertise in common and complex hernia cases in the region. Our board-certified providers will offer you a comprehensive evaluation and determine the best surgical procedure available to avoid a recurrence of your hernia problem. Surgeries that many hospitals call risky, we call routine.

LVHN is committed to scheduling an appointment for you today, tomorrow or the next day with a provider who will help get you on the road to solving your hernia problem. 

Treatment options

Hernias in adults do not go away without treatment. They may grow larger and worsen symptoms. Certain hernias may become obstructed, causing nausea and stomach pain. Others can become strangulated, when blood flow is cut off, a condition requiring immediate emergency surgery. Hernias that have grown and are causing discomfort or pain will likely need surgery as well. Physicians at the LVHN Hernia Center excel in all types of surgical hernia procedures, including:

  • Open repair
  • Laparoscopic repair
  • Robotic surgery repair

To learn more about hernias, download our free information guide. Or, request an appointment below.