Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program

Life after cancer treatment brings unique joys and challenges, especially for children. Our Survivorship Program provides you and your child with comprehensive follow-up care and supportive resources. We’re here to help you navigate the transition from “cancer patient” to “cancer survivor.”

Completing active cancer treatment can bring up a wide spectrum of emotions.  We’ll be by your side as you find your way through life after cancer treatment.

Lehigh Valley Health Network’s SurvivorPLACE (programs for healthy living after the cancer experience) is dedicated to helping patients of all ages experience life to the fullest. Through this program, your child can receive ongoing follow-up care as well as a range of wellness and other resources that help optimize their physical and mental health.

Survivorship: A distinct phase of pediatric cancer care

Having cancer is unlike any other life experience. The stress you and your child experience in the cancer care journey can take a toll on your body and spirit long after the disease has gone.

At LVHN, we want to support our pediatric cancer patients and their families in returning to their lives after cancer treatment. We consider this survivorship phase to be crucial to ensuring your child’s health and happiness in the coming months and years.

Survivorship resources for your child

SurvivorPLACE is available to all our cancer patients through a physician’s referral. Call your provider for a full listing of resources.

Highlights include:

Annual follow-up care

A nurse practitioner can meet with your child to look for any signs of cancer returning. Our compassionate providers can also offer recommendations on pain management or treatment side effects, such as fatigue.

Free fitness membership

Cancer survivors receive a free three-month membership at LVHN Fitness through this grant-funded program.

Cancer risk and genetic assessment

If your child may be at increased risk for a hereditary cancer syndrome, our certified genetic counselors can help you learn more about their cancer risk and its potential effect on your child’s life.


Children who experience complex emotions may act out in different ways. Our cancer support team is here for them and you as your family navigates survivorship.

Financial coordination

If you have questions about your health insurance or hospital bills, we can connect you with a financial coordinator to get you the answers you need.

Healthy You programs

We offer several health-related programs and services, including yoga and mindfulness-based stress reduction (a fee-based program). Ask your provider for details on which services might benefit your child’s needs.

Nutrition services

Our registered dietitians provide personalized education and tips, tailored to your family’s needs.

Physical rehabilitation

Rehabilitation specialists can help your child find relief from common treatment side effects such as fatigue, pain and other concerns.

Local cancer support community

The Greater Lehigh Valley Cancer Support Community is a local not-for-profit group that offers a wide range of community support, from wellness programs to stress management guidance.

Online resources and cancer support groups

Your provider can direct you to a list of online resources that can address any challenges you or your child may face after treatment ends.

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