Clinical Trial: Cancer, Brain Tumor

ANBL00B1 Study to bank tumor samples from patients with Neuroblastoma (PRO00000544)

Full Name
ANBL00B1: Neuroblastoma biology studies


Once participant is enrolled in the study, his/her tumor will be removed during a surgical procedure. A small piece will be sent to a laboratory for genetic testing. Information gained from this testing will indicate the best course of treatment and also help to predict prognosis. Bone marrow and blood samples will also be taken as part of routine care. Any leftover sample not needed for diagnosis will then be shipped to the neuroblastoma tissue bank. Follow-up to collect information regarding participant's health will continue indefinitely.


Inclusion Criteria
Newly diagnosed with neuroblastoma Must be enrolled within 2 weeks following diagnosis, preferably within 1 week Must be able to submit a neroblastoma sample of sufficient quality for analysis