AREN03B2 Classify/bank kidney tumors in children (PRO00000563)

Full Name

Kidney Tumor in Children (AREN03B2): Renal tumors classification, biology and banking study



Tumor samples will be collected from participants who are undergoing biopsy or surgery as part of their treatment. Also, blood and urine samples will be collected, and imaging studies (CT, MRI, Ultrasound) will be done as part of the routine care. The researchers will use extra blood samples, to be drawn at the same time for the study; part of the urine samples will also be used; and copies of any imaging studies done will be sent to the study doctors. This trial does not involve any therapy or treatment; however, it will further define classification of renal tumors 1) so that patients are treated appropriately for their disease, and 2) to identify patients at risk for reoccurrence. Participants also have the option to store leftover samples for future research. Study follow up will continue for 10 years.



Inclusion Criteria

Confirmed diagnosis of appropriate type of tumor

Must be under 30 years old at time of diagnosis

Specimens and copies of imaging studies must be submitted within 10 days of the diagnostic surgical/biopsy procedure