Voices of Passion: Watch Provider Videos

Doctors at Lehigh Valley Health Network want you to know they're people, just like you.

Some have been on your side of the patient encounter, dealing with a similar health condition. They follow the same advice they give you. They enjoy spending time with their families, so they want to help you get well so you can be with your loved ones too.

These providers also want you to know they are always working to bring the best care to the people of our community. They've learned a lot in their training, they've been inspired by their patients' remarkable journeys and they're keeping up with the latest advances.

Now you can hear all of that directly from them.

The videos we're capturing for their Find a Doctor profile pages capture their passion, personality and expertise. Below, follow links to watch videos that will help you choose the provider who's best for you.

Bariatric surgery

Richard Boorse, MD
T. Daniel Harrison, DO


A. Hamed Amani, MD
Deborah Boorse, CRNP
Daniel Lozano, MD


Lori Alfonse, DO
Jeff Brodsky, MD
Heiwon Chung, MD
Michael Evans, MD
Eliot Friedman, MD
Ranju Gupta, MD
Maged Khalil, MD
Nicholas Lamparella, DO
Tara Morrison, MD
Suresh Nair, MD
Brian Patson, MD
Usman Shah, MD

Chiropractic medicine

Dan Gavio, DC

Emergency department

Stephen “Perry” Fooskas, MD
Jeffrey Kuklinski, DO
John Wheary, DO

Family medicine

Kate Agresti, DO
Robert Budinetz, MD
Amanda Evans, PA-C
Eugene Gorski, MD
Cynthia Lubinsky, DO
Heather Sugarman, CRNP
Michael Washinsky, DO


Robert Yamulla, MD

Heart and vascular

Amy Ahnert, MD
Babak Bozorgnia, MD
Thomas Ciotola, MD
Bruce Feldman, DO
Ronald Freudenberger, MD
James Guzzo, MD
Hari Joshi, MD
Nauman Islam, MD
Sanjay Mehta, MD
Timothy Misselbeck, MD
Chandra Mohan, MD
Yaqoob Mohyuddin, MD
Nainesh Patel, MD
Benjamin Sanchez Jr., MD
Deborah Sundlof, DO
Stephen Wolk, MD
James Wu, MD

Infectious diseases

Timothy Friel, MD

Internal medicine

Phillip Benyo, MD
Sandra Kowalski, CRNP
Jodi Lenko, MD
Lei Li, MD
Vipul Makwana, MD
James Wertz, DO

Neurology and neurosurgery

Yevgeniy Isayev, MD
Dmitry Khaitov, MD
P. Mark Li, MD, PhD

Obstetrics and gynecology

Elizabeth Flodin, DO
Susan Haas, MD, PhD
Daniel Kraus, MD
Patrick McIntyre, MD
Scott Muir, DO
Hai-Yen Nguyen, MD
Jennifer Ruch, CRNP
M. Bijoy Thomas, MD


Michele Clement, MD
Stephan Glicken, MD
Ranita Kuryan, MD
Moshe Markowitz, MD
Adam Paul, DO
Laura Shallenberger, CRNP
Becky Thomas-Creskoff, MD
Sanjeev Vasishtha, MD
Tibisay Villalobos-Fry, MD

Plastic surgery

Marshall Miles, DO
Robert X. Murphy Jr., MD
Randolph Wojcik Jr., MD

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Ammar Abbasi, MD
Jaime Broesicke, CRNP
Chirag Kalola, MD
Jeffrey Perkins, MD
Jeffrey Radecki, MD
Jeffery Smee, DC
Joseph Smith, DC


Robert Kruklitis, MD, PhD


Susan S. Kim, MD

Robotic surgery

Martin Martino, MD
Kyle Langston, PA-C


Scott Beman, MD
Paul Cesanek, MD
Guillermo Garcia, MD
Rovinder Sandhu, MD

Transplant surgery

Michael Moritz, MD


Robert Barraco, MD


Angelo Baccala Jr., MD
Joseph Feliciano, MD
Clifford Georges, MD
James Johannes, MD