Genetic counseling services

Our genetic counselors at Lehigh Valley Health Network offer individuals, couples and families prenatal genetic testing for potential birth defects and genetic conditions. Learn more about our genetic counseling services in our guide. 

Prenatal genetic counseling

Genetic counseling is offered to individuals, couples and families at Lehigh Valley Health Network, especially those who have inherited genetic conditions or those with screening results that may indicate a genetic disorder. You and your partner may prefer to know before birth whether your baby might have a disorder. Your genetic counselor will break down the complex genetic information, so you can better understand it. Getting tested together as a couple and learning about the possibilities can help you feel more prepared, regardless of whether there is treatment for the disorder. You’ll find answers to some of the most common questions on genetic counseling in our guide: 

  • Who is genetic counseling for?
  • What does a genetic counselor do?
  • What genetic screens or tests are available?
  • Are genetic tests safe for me and my baby?