Venel Institute Inside 3

Sessions are held in our 3,000-square-foot state-of-the-art anatomical/surgical wet lab, which can be configured to support multiple sessions simultaneously, increasing the training opportunities for surgical associations and medical equipment manufacturers.

The lab also features precision optics and audio by Olympus, the world leader in medical optics.

Whether the wet lab is used in whole or divided, each lab station is refined with high-powered field lighting; large wall-mounted 50-inch TVs; custom-made, multi‐position, motorized, fully radiolucent OR tables and instrumentation tables.

Generous spacing between the stations enables comfortable utilization of on‐site C‐arms, three-in-one endoscopic, arthroscopic and laparoscopic towers, and other surgical equipment.

Every detail is accounted for to make educational sessions as seamless, comfortable and productive as possible.