For patients with COVID-19 or a chronic disease, such as congestive heart failure, Continuous Ambulatory Remote Engagement Services (CARES) lets patients reside at home with the peace of mind knowing their condition is being monitored every day.

The Continuous Ambulatory Remote Engagement Services (CARES) program provides patients a customized kit that includes tools to record blood oxygen levels and temperature. Patients log in to MyLVHN, the LVHN patient portal, to record those data points and answer questions about symptoms twice a day. Information is reviewed by a nurse on the LVHN CARES team. If needed, the nurse will reach out to discuss a patient's condition or provide the information to a physician for further review. 

The nursing team also provides coaching and reinforcement of educational topics such as medication adherence, diet, activity and importance of daily testing when needed.

By detecting subtle changes in a patient's vital sign trends, visits to the emergency department or rehospitalizations are reduced or prevented.

If patients receive home care services, CARES augments their care. It does not replace scheduled home care visits.

Patients with an LVPG primary care provider or cardiologist are eligible for CARES. This service is available for a variety of illnesses and conditions including COVID-19.