It all starts with a conversation.

Your Life, Your Wishes is about having a meaningful dialogue with loved ones about your long-term health care needs and wishes. By starting this conversation today, you’ll be prepared for the future, no matter what life brings.

A Lifelong Gift

For loved ones, the conversation will provide a gift like no other: Knowing they will be honoring Your Life, Your Wishes. Learn more about Advance Care Planning.

What is Advance Care Planning?

Advance Care Planning proactively addresses an individual’s health goals, values, preferences and resources in anticipation of future medical conditions and decision-making needs. It is an important step toward ensuring you receive the care that meets your medical needs and reflects your values and preferences when and if a complicated medical situation should arise.

Why is Advance Care Planning important?

Like most things in life, projects and purchases require mapping out a plan and coordinating with others to accomplish it. So, what if something were to happen to throw your planning off-course?

An advance care plan ensures you will receive the care that’s right for you and what you desire, no matter what path life brings you down at any age. Preparation is the key for every other event in life, and this is no exception. Your health deserves the same attention and planning as your career, family and finances.

Understanding your choices and making them know can ensure you get the care you need and want should you become seriously ill or injured. Visit to learn how to ensure your care goals are met, no matter what life brings.

How to document your wishes

Fill out a free advance directive form


Health Care Power of Attorney – This is a written document in which a person appoints another to serve as his/her agent and to make health care decisions. The HCPOA states when and what decisions an agent may make, as well as the patient’s preferences and values that guide decision-making.

Living Will – This advance directive is a document that lets physicians and other people state their wishes for end-of-life medical treatment, should they become unable to communicate their decisions.

Pennsylvania Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) – This is a voluntary process that translates a patient’s goals for care at the end of life into medical orders that follow the patient across care settings. This form accompanies physician orders based on a patient’s medical condition and his/her treatment choices resulting from communication between the patient or the legal-medical decision-maker and a health care professional. POLST is designed to improve the quality of care patients receive at the end of life by turning patient goals and preferences for care into medical orders.

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