A partnership between Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital and Lehigh Valley Art Spark – and in conjunction with the Kellyn Foundation – Community Canvas gives students at 14 schools the opportunity to create artwork based on healthy eating habits and all-around wellness.

Community Canvas

For the eighth consecutive year, Community Canvas is giving young artists at area elementary schools a chance to display their passion for healthy living and their talent for art.

A partnership between Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital and Lehigh Valley Art Spark – and in collaboration with Kellyn Foundation – Community Canvas gives students at 15 schools the opportunity to create artwork based on healthy eating habits and all-around wellness.

Community Canvas During COVID-19 Precautions 

With schools in Pennsylvania using a mix of virtual and in-person classes, Community Canvas is taking place in a virtual format this year. 

In Our Schools

Kellyn Foundation conducts a classroom program series in the schools. In these classroom sessions, Kellyn “healthy lifestyle” educators discuss the connection between good health and good nutrition through programs created especially for third, fourth and fifth graders. Students learn differences between fresh, healthy, whole food and drink compared to processed unhealthy products. Students also learn how to read nutrition labels and find the amount of sugar and fat in products. In addition, students learn how to make the healthiest choices when they are out at restaurants or away from home with friends.



Garden as a Classroom

Kellyn Foundation engages the third and fourth grade students at all the participating schools to get even closer to their food by planting, growing and harvesting produce from their own school garden, creating a year-round healthy food experience.

In Our Neighborhoods




Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s HospitalKellyn Foundation and Buy Fresh Buy Local are partnering with neighborhood corner stores to make it easier for families to make healthy choices by offering affordable fresh, local produce.

Expanding the reach and impact of the  classroom education, Lehigh Valley Art Spark conducts an immersive online experience for students, combining discovery, game play and trivia to connect the lessons they learn from Kellyn Foundation. Prior to the Art Spark experience, families receive information about Community Canvas and parents are asked to submit consent for their child to be considered as an artist contestant at an upcoming art event. After the Art Spark experience, contestants are randomly selected for their school’s Community Canvas art event. Eight students will be selected from each school. 

Community Canvas school art events will take place through the spring, with the Grand Finale in June. Children of Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) employees are not eligible to compete as artists.

art spark

Families and friends are encouraged to capture the excitement with photos and videos at each Community Canvas event and to promote our local schoolchildren's talent by uploading them to social media using our official hashtag #CommunityCanvas.

Participating Schools

Allentown School District

  • Central Elementary
  • Hays Elementary
  • Mosser Elementary
  • Ritter Elementary
  • Sheridan Elementary

Bethlehem School District

  • Asa Packer Elementary
  • Hanover Elementary

Easton Area School District

  • Cheston Elementary
  • Forks Elementary
  • March Elementary
  • Paxinosa Elementary
  • Shawnee Elementary
  • Tracy Elementary

Whitehall-Coplay School District

  • Steckel Elementary
  • Zephyr Elementary

What happens at Community Canvas?

School Art Events

Students selected for Community Canvas school art events will receive a canvas and lunchbox filled with art supplies at their home. Every student will receive the same supplies. During a scheduled Zoom event, students will have 45 minutes to create art based on what they have learned about healthy living using only the art supplies in the lunchbox. With the help of an adult, they will then upload photos of their art to LVHN.org/canvas. Voting is then opened to the public, with the top two winners moving on to the Grand Finale. 

The most important artistic talent needed is creativity and a passion for healthy living. Students may keep the art supplies and lunchbox. 

In keeping with the healthy living theme, students participating in the school art events will also receive a package of healthy food items and recipe card to make one of three recipes with an adult.

After the school events are completed, the work of all artists who did not advance to the Grand Finale will be entered into a vote so the public can select additional wildcard contestants to advance to the Grand Finale.

Grand Finale

Similar to the school art events, each artist at our Grand Finale will receive a lunchbox of art materials at their home and have 45 minutes to create their artwork based on a healthy theme. The artwork will be uploaded and voted on to select overall winners. Prizes will be delivered for first, second and third place winners.

Community Canvas artwork will be picked up and displayed in Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital art galleries throughout LVHN facilities. The Community Canvas program costs families nothing but their time and support for what we hope to be a tasty and inspiring experience for the entire family. 

Community Canvas art competition winners

After thousands of votes were cast for the 30 amazing works of art in the Grand Finale, the winners have been crowned. Congratulations to all the participants.

Grand Finale winners

1st place - Lexi Pacheco, Shawnee Elementary School

2nd place - Abigail Georges, Hanover Elementary School

3rd place - Victoria Lopes, Ritter Elementary School

Wildcard winners

Riley, from Shawnee Elementary School


Joanna, from Shawnee Elementary School


Carter B, from Steckel Elementary School


Asa Packer Elementary School





Hanover Elementary School





Mosser Elementary School





Steckel Elementary School





Zephyr Elementary School





Hays Elementary School





Tracy Elementary School





Paxinosa Elementary School





Central Elementary School





Forks Elementary School





March Elementary School





Ritter Elementary School





Sheridan Elementary School





Cheston Elementary School





Shawnee Elementary School