Understanding our region's health care needs is an important step in furthering our mission. One important way Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) assesses our communities' needs is through the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), a project managed by Leonard Parker Pool Institute for Health. CHNA examines the factors that impact the health and wellness of all the people living in the counties we serve and is completed every three years.

LVHN’s CHNA reports include a Health Profile, a report that looks at all factors that go into making people in a particular area healthy. This includes social and environmental factors like employment, education, and air quality; individual behaviors, such as smoking and healthy eating; and the quality and availability of health care in their area.

Health Profiles are then used to prioritize the pressing health needs in the communities we serve and develop an Implementation Plan that outlines our proposed efforts to address the prioritized needs, being responsive to the unique characteristics of the different counties and neighborhoods we serve.

While LVHN is committed to your health and wellness, we also know that every member of our community plays a role in helping to shape a better tomorrow. We hope the information in these reports encourages you to join in our quest to make the communities we live in better, healthier places to live.

Should you wish to participate in a tactic identified in the LVHN CHNA implementation plans, please contact Samantha_A.Shaak@lvhn.org.

2022 CHNA Reports

Carbon County

Lackawanna County

Lehigh County

Luzerne County

Monroe County

Northampton County

Schuylkill County

2022 CHNA Implementation Plan

The CHNA Implementation Plan outlines how LVHN will respond to the health needs identified in the CHNA reports over the next three years and beyond.

Read our implementation plan