Fellows and Leadership


Program Director, David Joseph Administrative Fellowship

Kelly Shak
Vice President, Ambulatory and Post-Acute Operations
Director, Administrative Fellowship Program – Hospital Operations
Email: Kelly.Shak@lvhn.org

Kelly Shak, MSPT, MBA, FACHE, is Vice President, Ambulatory and Post-Acute Operations, for Lehigh Valley Health Network. Currently, Kelly is responsible for strategic, fiscal and operational leadership of a diverse set of hospital operations including the Rehabilitation Services continuum of care. The Rehabilitation Division at LVHN includes acute and sub-acute inpatient rehabilitation services on five hospital campuses, a 52-bed skilled nursing facility and 53 outpatient rehabilitation centers providing over 500,000 patient visits across nine counties. Kelly is also responsible for several other post-acute and ambulatory based hospital departments, including Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Services, Sleep Disorders Centers, Occupational Medicine, Durable Medical Equipment Services, Hospital-Based Audiology Services and the Post-Acute Care Collaborative. Within her scope, Kelly is responsible for planning and optimizing access, experience and operations within the health network’s 21 community-based Health Centers.

Kelly is committed to executing strategic growth plans, fostering integration between care teams, developing future operational leaders and improving the patient experience across the continuum of care. She joined LVHN as an outpatient physical therapist in 2002 and started her work with the Administrative Fellowship program in 2023.

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from West Virginia University, a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Widener University and a Master of Business Administration from DeSales University. She is a Fellow of the GE Healthcare Management Academy and the American College of Healthcare Executives. She is also a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and serves on several non-profit community boards throughout the region.

Program Director, Lehigh Valley Physician Group Administrative Fellowship

Greg Morgan
Vice President, Professional Services
Associate Chair, LVPG Compensation Committee
Director, Administrative Fellowship Program – LVPG
Email: Gregory.Morgan@lvhn.org

Gregory Morgan is the Vice President of Professional Services for Lehigh Valley Physician Group (LVPG) and the Associate Chair of the LVPG Compensation Committee.

Greg has been with LVHN for seven years. In his role, Greg leads strategic compensation planning and implementation, budgeting, benchmarking and management of employment agreements for LVHN’s expansive physician and clinician workforce. In addition, Greg oversees the integration of physician and clinician compensation plans and employment agreements for mergers and acquisitions.

Greg has more than 15 years of experience managing physician and clinician compensation plans and employment contracts within academic health care settings. Prior to joining LVHN in 2016, he worked at Thomas Jefferson University for 10 years and partnered with senior leadership to develop formulaic and standardized compensation plans for Jefferson Medical College’s faculty and physicians.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Gettysburg College and a Master of Public Administration from Rutgers University–Camden.

Steering Committee

Bob Begliomini, Senior Vice President of Operations, LVHN; President, LVH–Cedar Crest; President, Lehigh Region
Jim Miller, President, LVH–Muhlenberg; President, Northampton Region; Senior Vice President, Lehigh Valley Institute for Surgical Excellence; Senior Vice President, Perioperative Services
Allen Boxbaum, Senior Vice President, Lehigh Valley Heart and Vascular Institute
Kelly Shak, Vice President, Ambulatory and Post-Acute Operations; Director, Administrative Fellowship Program, Hospital Operations
Jodi Koch, Vice President, Patient Care Services, LVH–Cedar Crest
Dan Quay, Vice President, Business and Network Development, LVHN
Lindsay Altimare, Vice President, Operations, Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital
Kirstin Reed, Internal Communications and Engagement Manager, LVHN
Gianna Melillo, Campus Operations Manager, LVH–Muhlenberg
Brooke Devers, Consumer Loyalty Program Coordinator
Jennifer Stephens, Chief Value and Ambulatory Care Officer, LVHN; Chief Medical Officer for Quality, Patient Safety and Value-Based Care, LVPG
Denise Kaplan, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, LVPG Operations
Joseph DeFulvio, Chief Medical Officer, Finance and Operations, LVPG; Chair, LVPG Board of Governors; Chair, LVPG Compensation Committee
Danielle Birkel, Vice President, Practice and Institute Operations, Lehigh Valley Heart and Vascular Institute
Greg Morgan, Administrator, LVPG Professional Services; Director, Administrative Fellowship Program, LVPG
Jonathan Davidson, Administrator, Department of Medicine, LVHN
Patrick Simonson, Regional Administrator, Schuylkill, Hazleton and Scranton, LVHN
Aaron Hitesman, Program Director, LVPG Vascular Surgery
Ashley Bubbenmoyer, Senior Project Manager, Performance Improvement, LVHN
Hannah McKinney, Manager, Strategic Transformation, LVPG

Current Fellows

Shannon Drevitch, MHA

Hospital Operations Administrative Fellow

King's College
Email: Shannon.Drevitch@lvhn.org

Hunter Corvin, MBA/MHA

Lehigh Valley Physician Group Administrative Fellow

Georgia State University
Email: Hunter.Corvin@lvhn.org 

Past Fellows

Brooke Devers, MHA, 2022-2023

University of Scranton
First position post-fellowship: Consumer Loyalty Program Coordinator, Lehigh Valley Health Network

Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Administrative Fellowship offers post grad students a unique experience to become fully immersed in the inner workings of healthcare leadership. The connections made during my time as a fellow are a true testament to LVHN's culture of compassion, growth and development!

Hannah McKinney, MPH, 2022-2023

Temple University
First position post-fellowship: Manager, Strategic Transformation, Lehigh Valley Physician Group

The LVPG Administrative Fellowship provided me with a transformative year of growth through diverse rotations, project work, workshops and networking events. The experience enriched my understanding of healthcare and fostered lasting connections with inspiring professionals and fellow colleagues. I am grateful for my time as an administrative fellow and look forward to a successful career in healthcare from the foundation this position has allowed me to build.

Gianna Melillo, MPH, 2021-2022

Boston University
First position post-fellowship: Project Manager, Performance Improvement, Lehigh Valley Health Network

The Administrative Fellowship in Hospital Operations at Lehigh Valley Health Network gave me an incredible opportunity to learn all the interworking's and functions of a large hospital systems. The connections I made throughout the program have bolstered my career in an unimaginable way and my experience during my fellowship year was extremely memorable.

Aaron Hitesman, MHA, 2021-2022

University of Utah
First position post-fellowship: Program Director, LVPG Vascular Surgery

Having the opportunity to complete the LVPG Administrative Fellowship has been an incredibly rewarding journey. I am deeply grateful for the chance to collaborate with both front-line colleagues and executive-level leadership, gaining a comprehensive understanding of healthcare operations. Participating in high-level projects alongside excellent senior leadership has been a transformative experience that has had lasting impact on me personally and professionally. It has not only deepened my insights into physician practice and hospital operations but also led to amazing opportunities to contribute further within the network. The chance to work side by side with dedicated colleagues at all levels has truly enriched my skills and forged lasting relationships.

Libby Kovert, MHA, 2020-2021

Brett Stricharczuk, MHA, 2020-2021

University of Cincinnati
First position post-fellowship: Orthopedic Sales Associate, CONMED Corporation

The Administrative Fellowship with LVPG gives you a golden opportunity to work closely with some of the most experienced and passionate colleagues and senior leaders in the beginning of your professional journey. There’s no other job like it, where one day you can be in an executive level meeting and the next day you are with the MedEvac team transporting a patient to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest. I am confident that the invaluable project, rotational, and leadership experience I gained throughout the fellowship will help prepare me for future professional careers and relationships in the health care world.

Dev Patel, MHA, 2019-2020

George Washington University
First position post-fellowship: Population Health Analyst, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

"Lehigh Valley Health Network's Administrative Fellowship provided me with an experience that most do not get until they are 15-20 years into their career. The opportunity to learn from senior level executives allowed me to better understand what health system strategy and operations truly means. Leaders provided me with invaluable feedback to develop myself and gave me the autonomy to lead high-level projects. The fellowship has and always will play a critical role in my development as a professional."

Kathryn Werner, MSHA, 2019-2020

University of Colorado Denver
First position post-fellowship: Practice Manager, Lehigh Valley Physician Group

"The LVPG Administrative Fellowship provided me with unprecedented access to senior leadership, executive initiatives and clinical exposure. As a fellow, I was able to develop and foster relationships with leaders, clinicians and staff across numerous departments and practice locations. The knowledge I gained through the fellowship has provided me with an invaluable foundation of experience and understanding to propel my career in health care administration."

Kirstin Reed, MHA, 2018–2019

The Pennsylvania State University
First position post-fellowship: Internal Communications and Engagement Specialist, Lehigh Valley Health Network

“The David Joseph Administrative Fellowship provided me unique exposure to operations in different settings across Lehigh Valley Health Network. The opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and work closely with leadership was valuable to my professional development as an early careerist, and I completed the administrative fellowship knowing that my experience prepared me well for a career in health care.”

Andrew Kesselem, MHA, 2018–2019

George Washington University
First position post-fellowship: Project Manager, Lehigh Valley Physician Group

“The fellowship at Lehigh Valley Physician Group provided me with a wealth of knowledge and exposure across the physician group. The personalized experience of the program allowed me to pursue my interests, build relationships with leadership, and gain experience through project work. Upon completion of the fellowship, I feel appreciative of the opportunity and confident in my abilities that will be utilized throughout my career in healthcare administration.”

Madeline Kemp, MHSA 2017–2018

University of Kansas Medical Center
First position post-fellowship: Portfolio Administrator, Vizient

“The David Joseph administrative fellowship at LVHN is a fantastic opportunity for any young professional to be immersed in all facets of hospital operations. With support from leadership and guidance from mentors, I was able to explore my own interests and further build the skills required to work in the healthcare industry today. I am confident that the fellowship has provided me with a solid foundation to build my career.”

Arash Aulakh, MHA 2017–2018

George Washington University
First position post-fellowship: Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

“The fellowship at Lehigh Valley Health Network allowed me to develop my leadership skills while exploring areas of interest. The structure of the fellowship allowed me to develop my skills through rotations and projects in various areas of the organization. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the organization through network goals/initiatives and gain mentorship from key leaders. The skills that I have learned and developed through my fellowship will help me throughout my career in healthcare administration.”

Jacklynn Wong, MHA 2015–2017

George Washington University
First position post-fellowship: Interim Patient Transport Manager, Lehigh Valley Hospital–Muhlenberg

“LVHN’s administrative fellowship program provided me with an opportunity to truly develop my leadership style and analytical skills. The unique structure of the one-year fellowship program allowed me to gain exposure to core areas of LVHN and to cultivate front-line management skills. Leaders across the network provided valuable mentoring and strategic guidance on the diverse portfolio of projects I had the opportunity to work on during my fellowship. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead and participate in initiatives that will ultimately enhance the quality of care we provide patients.”

Julie Vardaro, MHA 2014–2016

The Pennsylvania State University
First position post-fellowship: Project Manager, Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital

“The fellowship program provided a personalized experience that allowed me to explore areas of interest while expanding upon knowledge and skills developed in the classroom. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to network initiatives and receive invaluable mentorship from senior leaders. After completing the fellowship, I felt confident that the experience prepared me for future leadership roles.”

Jennifer Jozefiak, MHA 2013–2015

University of Pittsburgh
First position post-fellowship: Project Manager, New York Presbyterian-Columbia

“My experience in the fellowship program at Lehigh Valley Health Network was truly unique. I was able to be a part of large network initiatives and also gain experience in managing very specialized practice operations. The skills and knowledge I gained as a fellow opened the doors to extraordinary opportunities.”

Joseph Hwang, MHA 2012–2014

The Pennsylvania State University
First position post-fellowship: Assistant Administrator, Manatee Memorial Hospital, Universal Health Services

“The fellowship offered me an opportunity to exponentially grow and develop my skillsets as a future leader. The experience allowed me to take all the concepts learned throughout my graduate studies and to apply it in a practical way through interim management positions. I would not be where I am today had I not gone through the fellowship.” 

Danielle O’Brien, MBA, MPH, 2011–2013

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
First position post-fellowship: Practice Administrator, Reproductive Medicine Associates

"The passion for education at LVHN is palpable and I am thankful for my administrative fellowship every day. The experience was personalized, allowing me to push outside of my comfort zone and gain a multitude of varied experiences on network-wide projects. The leaders at LVHN shaped my leadership style, technical and communication skills and business acumen, providing me with a strong foundation for my career."

Lindsay Altimare, MPA, 2010–2012

University of Delaware
First position post-fellowship: HCAHPS program manager, Department of Operations, Lehigh Valley Health Network

“The LVHN administrative fellowship was an exceptional building block for my success in healthcare operations. It provided me with networking opportunities, relationship building among all levels of the organization and tactical operational skills that will translate to future stages of my career path. The network’s support of the program speaks volumes with the dedication of senior leadership and their motivation to develop and mentor emerging healthcare leaders.”

Mary Schoenwetter, MBA, 2008–2010

SUNY Buffalo
First position post-fellowship: Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, Lehigh Valley Health Network

“The fellowship at LVHN provided experience not typically achieved early on following a more traditional, progressive career path such as operational involvement across multiple service lines and working with senior level executives on high profile projects and meetings.”

Marybeth Maly, MPH, 2007–2009

Emory University
First position post-fellowship: Director, Practice & Program Development, Department of Medicine, Lehigh Valley Health Network

“The administrative fellowship at Lehigh Valley Health Network has provided me with a strong foundation from which to build. The exposure to senior leadership, participation in network-wide initiatives and core project ownership allowed for unmatched professional growth early in my career."

Kelly Lago, MHA, 2006–2008

The Pennsylvania State University
First position post-fellowship: Director, Department of Surgery, Lehigh Valley Health Network

Brian Connolly, MHA, 2005–2007

University of Scranton
First position post-fellowship: Business manager, Division of Neurology, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“My experience at LVH has proven to be invaluable. The ability to interact with senior leaders and physicians as well as gain exposure to all facets of an integrated health system provided me the exact foundation and experience needed to begin my career.”

Jen Hunara, MHA, MBA, 2004–2005

University of Scranton
First position post-fellowship: Business manager, Perioperative Services, Lehigh Valley Health Network