Workplace Physical Exams

LVHN Occupational Health clinics are capable of performing the full array of physical exams specific to various job functions and risk levels. 

Standard physicals include the basic components of:

  • Patient medical history
  • Blood pressure
  • Height and weight
  • Physical examination
  • Physical recommendation form
  • Pulse
  • Vision screen vitals

Components can be added or modified for specific job needs and requirements as specified by the company.

While customized exams can be developed, there are some Specialized Physical Exams that are more commonly performed. Some of those are:

Return to Work – determines a workers ability to safely resume working after a leave that was due to a non-work related injury or illness.

Fit for Duty - similar to Return to Work, except the worker may not be out of work and the exam is measuring their ability to continue to perform their duties, or take on new job functions.

DOT certification - follows the Dept. of Transportation standards required to issue or renew a commercial driver’s license.

Driver exam – an exam to evaluate the ability to safely drive commercial vehicles that do NOT fall under the DOT guidelines.

Pilot certification – a specific exam required for the issue or renewal of a pilot’s license, performed by an FAA-authorized Airport Medical Examiner (AME). Note: This physical can only be performed at HealthWorks’ Allentown or Trexlertown clinics.

Firefighter physical - a more extensive protocol based on national recommendations and local policies.

Police officer physical - a more extensive protocol based on national recommendations and local policies.

Respirator physical – determines if a worker can safely perform duties wearing a respirator.

Surveillance exam - measures a worker’s health and exposure levels over a period time to monitor for any negative impact resulting from the workplace environment. Surveillance exams can be performed for both OSHA-mandated and non-mandated exposures and are customized based on the substance being monitored.

Health care physical – a more extensive protocol required to work in a health care setting. The specific exam is determined by the policies set forth by the medical facility.

For more information about LVHN Occupational Medicine services, contact or call Scott Appnel at 610-969-2972.