Genetic Counseling (Maternal Fetal Medicine)

Our certified genetic counselors – who are licensed and certified master’s level providers – meet with individuals and couples through a secure video teleconferencing system in a caring and supportive environment.

The trained counselor can help prenatal individuals and couples:

  • Assess potential risk in a pregnancy
  • Help families make informed decisions regarding genetic screening and testing
  • Empower families in the decision making process

What are some common indications or reasons for prenatal genetic counseling?

  • Family history or previous child born with a genetic condition, birth defect, autism or intellectual disability
  • Previous pregnancy or child born with a chromosome abnormality
  • Women who are 35 or older at the time of delivery
  • Prenatal screening and diagnostic testing – such as sequential screen, cell-free DNA, chorionic villus sampling (CVS), amniocentesis
  • Positive screening results
  • Abnormal ultrasound finding
  • Prenatal or preconception maternal exposures (medications, drugs, radiation)
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Carrier screening
  • Consanguinity (couple who share one or more common ancestor; have blood relationship to each other)
  • Preconception counseling for potential risks