An endowed fund is “the gift that keeps giving,” because it generates annual income for Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN)’s vital programs, important research and innovative educational opportunities for clinicians.

Endowment funds can be established by single or multiple donors for many reasons. They can honor a loved one, secure capital for a lifesaving program that impacted their life or support a vital community program. You can contribute to an existing LVHN endowment fund, or create a new fund.

Endowment Fund Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an endowed fund?

Endowed funds are restricted to the donor’s discretion and remain in perpetuity. In an endowed contribution, the donated funds are never spent. Instead, a portion of the interest the gift generates is spent per the donor’s designation by two LVHN employees, named fund custodians, while the rest of the return is reinvested.

What is the minimum gift level to establish an endowment fund?

The minimum gift to establish an LVHN fund is $75,000. This pledged amount can be paid over time, or as a lump sum. The annual spendable amount will be calculated the year following the endowment becoming fully funded (once the minimum gift amount is met).

I would like to contribute to an already established fund. How do I choose the correct one?

Anyone can contribute a gift (of any size) to an already existing endowment fund. View a complete list of current LVHN endowment funds or contact us for more information and advisement.