The mission of the Medical Home Project is to improve the quality of health care for individuals with disabilities by educating medical personnel about patient-centered care, respectful communication and effective coordination of community-based resources.

The Medical Home Project of Lehigh Valley Health Network Department of Family Medicine will integrate its model program of patient-centered care into all medical practices in the Lehigh Valley. All persons involved in health care for individuals with disabilities will be educated on ways to provide care that is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, patient-centered, coordinated, compassionate and culturally competent.

Education and resources

Pennsylvania Patients with Disabilities as Trainers Program (PA P-DAT) is an educational resource with administrative and evaluation tools and resources that empowers parent and patient partners to teach medical students, residents and primary care office staff about disability etiquette through sharing their own experiences within the healthcare system. 

Our list of local and Pennsylvania resources is a one-stop location for information about organizations dedicated to helping people with disabilities.


Contacts for Medical Home Project:

Sweety Jain, MD

Staci Morrissey, IT coordinator