Medical Home Project (MHP)

The mission of the Medical Home Project (MHP) is to improve the quality of health care for individuals with disabilities by educating health care professionals about patient-centered care, respectful communication and effective coordination of community-based resources.

MHP is a unique model of Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) clinicians and community partners where members from different organizations and advocacy agencies work together to enhance health care for individuals with disabilities.

What we do

MHP provides LVHN health care professionals with customized education sessions, known as Patients with Disabilities as Teachers (PDAT), and advises on case consults for patients with disabilities. We also conduct research related to our work and share our findings in medical publications and at health care conferences.

Who we are

MHP is a team of LVHN clinicians and community organizations who improve the quality of health care for patients with disabilities along with family members and caregivers. Community organizations include:.

  • Eastern PA Down Syndrome Center
  • Lehigh and Northampton County Offices of Developmental Programs
  • Lehigh University College of Health Faculty
  • PA Elks Home Service Program
  • Quality Progressions
  • Service Assessment & Management (SAM Inc.)
  • SPIN Inc.
  • The Advocacy Alliance
  • The Arc of Lehigh and Northampton Counties
  • Via of the Lehigh Valley

Achievements and awards


Patients with Disabilities as Teachers Program (PDAT) is an education innovation that empowers parent and patient partners to teach medical students, residents and primary care office staff about disability etiquette through sharing their own experiences within the health care system.

How to communicate with and about people with disabilities.


Our list of resources is a one-stop location for information about organizations dedicated to helping people with disabilities in Pennsylvania.

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