As the region’s heart health leader, Lehigh Valley Heart and Vascular Institute wants you to have helpful heart information at your fingertips. Check out the latest virtual events on various heart topics.

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Risk Factors

Dr. Andrew Sumner discusses risk factors for heart disease and what you can change to reduce your risk.

Noncardiac Conditions and Your Heart Health

Dr. Deborah Sundlof and Dr. Nidhi Mehta discuss how noncardiac conditions like diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases can affect your heart health.

Heart Attack

Dr. Apurva Vyas discusses symptoms, treatments, and causes of heart attack.

Heart and Diabetes

Dr. Paul Hermany, part of Lehigh Valley Heart and Vascular Institute, provides an overview of the correlation between these two common conditions, and how you can manage your diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk.

Valvular Heart Disease and TAVR

Dr. Ahmed Nassar, part of Lehigh Valley Heart and Vascular Institute, provides an overview of aortic stenosis and information about a minimally invasive treatment option: transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

Living with Heart Failure

Did you know roughly 309,000 deaths are caused by heart failure each year in the U.S.? Not only that, nearly 960,000 new heart failure cases are diagnosed each year.

Alma Ohl, CRNP discusses this common heart condition and how to best manage its symptoms.

Managing Atrial Fibrillation

Millions of Americans suffer from atrial fibrillation (AFib), the most common form of irregular heartbeat. AFib can put you at higher risk for stroke and heart failure.

Join Babak Bozorgnia, MD, and Lynette Dondero, CRNP, both with Lehigh Valley Heart and Vascular Institute, to learn more about AFib and how doctors help patients manage this condition.

World Preeclampsia Day

Learn about preeclampsia, high blood pressure during pregnancy that can be life threatening to both mom and baby, by watching the following video with Eleni Tsigas, Chief Executive Officer of the Preeclampsia Foundation; Dr. Amy Ahnert of Lehigh Valley Heart and Vascular Institute and Dr. Joanne Quinones, of Lehigh Valley Physician Group Maternal Fetal Medicine.

Women's Heart Health: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Heart Disease

Learn about women’s heart disease and unique risk factors that are common among women by watching the following video with Amy Ahnert, MD, LVH Cardiology–1250 Cedar Crest and Deborah Sundlof, DO, LVPG Cardiology–Muhlenberg.

Taking Control of Your Blood Pressure

Learn all about hypertension and ways to control high blood pressure by watching the following video with Yaqoob Mohyuddin, MD, LVPG Cardiology–Health & Wellness Center, Associate Chief of Cardiology, Lehigh Valley Hospital–Hazleton.

Heart attack and Stroke Prevention

Learn all about recognizing the signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke, as well as emergent treatment options by watching this video with Karthik Sheka, MD, Interventional Cardiologist, LVPG Cardiology–East Stroudsburg; Christopher Melinosky, MD, Neurologist, LVPG Neurocritical Care; and Chelsea McHugh, BSN, RN, Stroke/Chest Pain Coordinator, Lehigh Valley Hospital–Schuylkill.

Management of Heart Valve Disease When Cardiac Surgery is Needed

Learn about various heart valve disease and treatments and when cardiac surgery is needed by watching this video with Sanjay Mehta, MD, LVPG Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery–Muhlenberg, Associate Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at LVHN.