Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute 2019 Statistical Report

Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute annual statistical report provides information about cancer care delivered by Lehigh Valley Health Network, our technologies and the cancer care team that makes it possible.

Each year, Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute issues a statistical report about cancer care provided to patients in the communities we serve. Information includes types of cancers we treat, clinical research and clinical trials, as well as support services, our cancer care team and more.

Caring for Many

The most commonly treated cancers were breast, lung, colon-rectal, prostate, blood and bone marrow.

Throughout 2018, we had more than 70 active clinical trials.


Disease management teams – Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute aligned with Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Center to initiate site-specific disease management teams (DMTs). Each DMT is comprised of clinicians who specialize in a particular type of cancer care. Our clinical providers work closely with their MSK counterparts, including on individual patient cases.

Elite clinical trials – Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute offers access to many limited cancer clinical trials including new kidney cancer clinical trials

Revolutionizing melanoma care – Groundbreaking treatments for melanoma found only at Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute

Radiation immunotherapy – This precise technique enhances immune system response by ‘dose painting’ radiation at center of tumor.

Mobile mammography coach – Our mobile mammography coach features the same imaging technology used in our facilities, and now our expertise can be extended to workplaces and the community. Throughout the year more than 1,800 women were screened on the coach at more than 52 different locations throughout the region.

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Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute offers a range of cancer services in convenient, patient-focused locations, including the John and Dorothy Morgan Cancer Center at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Cedar Crest, the Cancer Center at LVH–Muhlenberg and the Health Center at Bangor.

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We are pleased to present Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute’s 2019 annual report for Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono, featuring 2018 data as well as information about our oncology services.

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