Lehigh Valley Hospital–Schuylkill Adolescent Behavioral Health

The Adolescent Program is specifically designed for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 (other ages by exception).

Main entrance Lehigh Valley Hospital-Schuylkill S. Jackson Street
Main entrance Lehigh Valley Hospital-Schuylkill S. Jackson Street

The 10-bed secure unit offers the finest of psychiatric, medical and educational services. Located close to home, our program involves and encourages families to be part of their loved one's treatment through family therapy sessions.

The program, through the integrated effort of its professional staff, develops individualized treatment plans for each patient admitted to the unit. This plan is based on thorough evaluation of the child's medical and psychiatric condition, social/educational history and functional performance level.

Our staff of psychiatrist, psychologist, nurses, social workers, educator and recreational therapists are dedicated to building and strengthening each patient for tomorrows that can be brighter.

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