LVPG Ophthalmology-Fogelsville

1431 Nursery Street
Suite 200
Fogelsville, PA 18051-1612
United States

General Facility Hours
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Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

We offer comprehensive care for a vast array of ocular conditions from routine care to surgical intervention and ocular disease diagnosis, treatment and management.

Health Center at Fogelsville
Welcome desk, Health Center at Fogelsville
Welcome desk, Health Center at Fogelsville
LVPG Opthalmology-Fogelsville Optical Effects
LVPG Opthalmology-Fogelsville Optical Effects
LVPG Opthalmology-Fogelsville Optical Effects

We are a group of dedicated doctors who specialize in providing comprehensive eye care for patients of all ages; from children ages 5 years and up, to senior citizens. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver high-quality care utilizing the newest available technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and research-based practices.

Optical Effects

Convenient on-site glasses and contact lenses are available through Optical Effects. Optical Effects participates with the following vision insurances: EyeMed, NVA and VBA.

When you are looking for a new pair of glasses, a certified licensed optician will assist you. Optical Effects offers the following services that are done at no charge for the lifetime of the glasses purchased here:

  • Repairs
  • Deep cleaning
  • Fit adjustments
  • Screw and part replacements

You will find a variety of designer frame brands, including:

  • Gucci          
  • Kate Spade
  • Polo
  • Fysh
  • Tom Ford       
  • Coach       
  • Jimmy Choo
  • KLiiK
  • Ray-Ban
  • Michael Kors
  • Burberry
  • Flexon

And there is also an extensive selection of brands for children’s frames, including: 

  • Ray-Ban Junior
  • Lucky Brand Kids
  • Superflex
  • Converse

At Optical Effects, you can choose from a variety of premium lenses, including:

  • Polarized lenses: Polarized lenses are a great option for anyone who spends time outdoors. If you’re working outdoors, especially when doing high-glare activities around water or snow, polarized lenses help reduce glare and provide additional clarity while keeping your eyes protected.
  • Blue light protection: Computer screens, smartphones, tablets, fluorescent bulbs — blue light is all around. Long-term and continuous exposure to harmful blue light (blue-violet light) can contribute to long-term damage of your eyes. Those at highest risk are people with a family history or exhibiting signs of AMD, and working professionals, children, teens and gamers. To combat this, Optical Effects offers Crizal Prevencia lenses to reduce exposure while still allowing beneficial blue-turquoise light to pass through. Plus, they also provide all the benefits of no-glare lenses. 
  • Premium progressive lenses: Progressive lenses provide sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance. They help extend your vision within arm’s reach, so you no longer have to tilt or angle your head to find your focus. Varilux® Physio® lenses help you transition from near to far, and every distance in between, smoothly and effortlessly. Varilux Comfort® uses the prescriptions from both your eyes so your lenses are calculated as a pair, letting your eyes work better together. Varilux® X Series™, featuring Xtend™ Technology, is Optical Effects’ most advanced progressive lens available. 
  • Post-concussion lenses: Eyezen lenses are recommended for post-concussion therapy. They also help reduce eye strain caused by close viewing of devices like cellphones and tablets. 

Ophthalmology services

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) diagnosis and management
  • Cataract surgery
  • Comprehensive medical ophthalmic exams
  • Corneal pathologies and dystrophies
  • Corneal transplant surgery
  • Diabetic eye exams 
  • Diplopia (double vision) diagnosis and treatment; including prism glasses
  • Dry eye diagnosis and treatment; including punctual occlusion and LipiFlow® treatment
  • Eyelid lesion surgery
  • Foreign body removal and management
  • Glaucoma diagnostics and treatment; including surgical intervention
  • Macular degeneration management 
  • PROKERA cornea treatment
  • Problem-oriented or urgent care exams
  • Routine ophthalmic exams; including glasses and contact lenses
  • Routine screening visits for ages 5 and up
  • Treatment of common eye conditions such as pinkeye (conjunctivitis), keratitis and uveitis