LVHN Office Video Visit: Step by Step Instructions

LVHN Office Video Visits is a type of telemedicine where you can easily access experts without physically meeting them in an office setting. Instead, you access a provider through the MyLVHN app. To schedule, call your preferred provider or specialist to request an appointment. They can determine if a video visit or an in-person appointment is needed. Or log into your MyLVHN account and go to Make an Appointment.

Prior to the start of your scheduled LVHN Office Video Visit, use the eCheck-In feature (described next) to check yourself into the appointment.

  1. Launch the MyLVHN app from your smart device and log into your account. Then tap on “My Appointments”
  2. Find your video visit appointment, and click on “eCheck-In.”
  3. Verify the information that is displayed. If you need to make changes, click “Edit.” If the information is correct, click “This information is correct.” Once you press “This information is correct,” the button will turn green and read “Next.”
    Using the directions in this step, complete the eCheck-In process.
  4. After you complete the last piece of the echeck-in process, “Payments”, click “Submit” to send this information to the provider’s office.
  5. Congratulations – you have now checked into your visit.

Time to start your video visit

Minutes leading up to your office video visit with your provider, press “Begin visit” to make sure you can connect. If you are unable to connect:

  • If you have open applications other than MyLVHN, it may cause your device to run slowly. Be sure to close all other unnecessary apps before entering your video visit.
  • If at the time of your video visit you are unable to connect, please call the MyLVHN support center at 1-844- 4MY-LVHN (1-844-469-5846) for assistance.
  1. Launch the MyLVHN app from your smart device and log into your account. Then tap on “My Appointments.”
  2. Find your video visit appointment and click on it to open. Then press “Begin Visit.”
  3. You will be placed into a “virtual waiting room” until your provider appears in the waiting room window. If your visit gets disconnected, you will be asked to re-connect to the video screening appointment.

During Your Visit

  1. Introduce yourself and those you have in the room with you.
  2. If your visit gets disconnected during your appointment, you will need to follow the previous steps to re-connect to the video visit appointment.
  3. The provider will end the visit when it is complete

After Your Visit

  1. Your After-Visit Summary will be available to you in your MyLVHN portal after your visit.
  2. Additional documents will also push to your portal (e.g. work/school note).
  3. Any necessary prescriptions will be e-prescribed to your pharmacy of choice.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. For audio/video issues, please close any open applications on your device (except for MyLVHN).
  2. Make sure you are using a smart device such as a cell phone or tablet with WIFI or 4G cellular connection
  3. 3. Update your MyLVHN app by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play
    1. iOS version – 9.2.6 or later
    2. Android version – 9.2.4 or later
  4. Do not use the internet browser on your smart device.