Heart Institute Support Services

We understand that it can be stressful to undergo testing and treatments for a heart problem. At Lehigh Valley Heart Institute, our support services team offers the help you need – from financial assistance to support groups – so that you can focus on what really matters: getting well.

Whether you need help paying medical bills, want to connect with someone who’s undergone a heart procedure, or want to stop smoking or make other healthy lifestyle changes, our support services team is here for you.

Support services at the Heart Institute: How can we help you?

Financial services

Counselors in our financial assistance program can explain the billing process and payment plans. If needed, we’ll help you find ways to pay your medical bills. 

Health and wellness programs

We can help you lead a more heart-healthy lifestyle:

  • Smoking cessation: Our Tobacco Treatment Program offers phone and in-person counseling services to help you manage nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
  • Weight-loss: Experts in weight loss and weight management can help you lose weight and make lifestyle changes to live healthier.
  • Diabetes support: Our certified diabetes educators provide nutrition counseling, insulin training and disease awareness. Learn more about diabetes care.
  • Support groups: Connect with other people in support groups who understand what it’s like to live with your particular heart condition and treatment plan.