Meditation Audio Downloads

Audio Downloads

Meditation Pearls

Body Scan (12:47)

Mindful Movement (18:44)

Awareness of Breath (10:23)

Awareness of Body (8:11)

Awareness of Thoughts (15:27)

Mindfulness Bells (13:55)


Mindfulness Meditations II

Trauma-Sensitive Body Scan (46:04)

Movement: Standing Sequence (35:15)

Body Scan (27:05)

Awareness of Breath (10:23)

Awareness of Body (8:11)

Awareness of Sounds (11:07)

Awareness of Thoughts (15:27)

Cradling the Heart (21:22)

Mindfulness Bells (12:55)

Intro to PRO Meditation (02:25)

PRO Meditation (11:25)

3-Minute Breathing Space (5:14)


Mindfulness Meditations III

Introduction to Mindful Movement (7:46)

Mindful Movement: Supine Sequence (41:33)

Introduction to Body Scan (2:02)

Body Scan (27:24)

Introductions to Mindful Movement: Standing Sequence (6:06)

Mindful Movement: Standing Sequence (28:38)

Extended Sitting Meditation (38:46)

Awareness of Breath (11:29)

Cradling the Heart (13:20)

Meditation with Bells (19:53)


These audio files are being provided to you strictly for your own use to support your home practice. You may load them onto your computer and phone for your own use only. Please do not copy or distribute the files or use them for any other purposes without the expressed permission from the Center for Mindfulness.