Negotiated Insurance Rates

Hospitals nationwide are required to post online negotiated insurance rates between the hospital and insurance companies. A negotiated insurance rate is the amount an insurer will pay the provider for a specific service. (Example: Hospital charges $10 for a service. Negotiated insurance rate for that service is 40%. Insurance company allows $4. Hospital is paid no more than $4. In some cases, the insurance company pays all or nearly all of the $4. The patient is responsible to pay the difference between the $4 and what the insurance pays. Sometimes the patient is responsible to pay $0.)

The rates listed here are what insurance companies contract to pay out for procedures and any other services provided at LVHN.

Why the rates listed are not what you will be typically responsible to pay

We’re all unique individuals. The exact tests, procedures and care you need to live the best life are unique to you and determine the amount your care costs. A list of the negotiated insurance rates won’t tell you what kind of care you will need or the services you will receive. Also, depending on your insurance coverage, the amounts you pay out of pocket will vary based on your individual coverage, such as a copayment, coinsurance or deductible amounts. What you need to know is that you will get the personalized care you need at LVHN.

See a list of negotiated insurance rates for the locations listed below. Note: The negotiated insurance rate are in a machine-readable, JSON file format that shows inpatient (DRG) and outpatient (APC) rates.

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