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10 Questions with Orthopedic Surgeon Eric Lebby, MD

LVPG Orthopedic Surgeon Eric Lebby, MD

Eric Lebby, MD, with LVPG Orthopedics and Sports Medicine–Hausman Road, has been named Best Orthopedic Surgeon for 2021 by a Lehigh Valley Business Magazine survey.

When Eric Lebby, MD, found out he had been voted the area’s Best Orthopedic Surgeon for 2021 in a recent survey by Lehigh Valley Business magazine, he immediately thought of his colleagues. 

“Nobody in my profession gets any kind of recognition without the hard work of a wonderful team,” says Lebby, with LVPG Orthopedics and Sports Medicine–Hausman Road. 

“The people in our office, the people in our operating rooms, they’re just amazing professionals. I could never do what I do without them.” 

Here’s a closer look at Dr. Lebby from our recent 10 Questions interview.

What inspired you to get into your profession?

For me it was my dad, who had a great career as a dentist. Watching the way he interacted with patients, it was such an inspiration to me. He never pushed me to get into medicine, but I think being part of a medical family is what initially sparked my interest in becoming a doctor.

What's one thing you hope colleagues or community members take away from their time with you?

I think when it’s all said and done, I’d like them to remember me as an honest guy who always did what I set out to do. I give every patient 100 percent and if that’s something people I work with or people in the community can easily see, then I’m doing my job right. 

What is the best part of your job?

The smiles. You have a patient come to you with an injury and we’re able to help them get back to doing things they love to do, there’s nothing better. The smiles you get as they’re saying goodbye, you just don’t forget them.

What is the hardest part of your job?

That would be the most difficult thing for any physician – understanding that there isn’t a perfect solution to every problem. The good news is we’re able to help most people in need due to incredible advancements and our great team.

What advice would you share with someone who is considering a career in your profession?

If you’re good with your hands and you’re good with spatial relations, and you want to make a difference in people’s lives, orthopedics could be a good career choice. There are so many sub-specialties in our field, you’re likely to find a fit that can work for you.

How do you balance work and family life?

That’s actually an easy one for me. Everything I do involves my family, whether I’m physically there or not. My family is always an integral part of my decision-making process. Whether it’s the places I go or the things I have to do, family considerations always play a big part of the outcome.

What’s something that has surprised you about your chosen career path?

It’s a little surprising that I’ve been able to enjoy my career as much as I have. I came to Lehigh Valley Health Network right out of my fellowship in 2003 and I’ve been here ever since. My wife grew up here and staying here has turned out to be the perfect choice for us. It’s like the old saying: some days may be long, but the years have been short.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I had the same career fantasies all kids have. For a while, I wanted to be Superman. Then I wanted to be a baseball player. Over time, fantasies turn into dreams, and watching my dad in his dental practice, I came to dream about being a doctor. I was lucky enough for it to become a reality.

What is your proudest accomplishment of your career?

That goes back to family again. The best thing about my career in being able to blend my family into it. Everything I do, every success and every failure, my wife and my two children have shared in it. Some people might see that as a mutually exclusive thing, but having it be inclusive to me has made my career so much better.

What is one of the most rewarding things you do?

I can give you a good example from something that occurred at a recent leadership retreat. We were introduced to a great book about understanding the “why” of what you do. We may know what to do and how to do our jobs in our careers, but know the why, knowing that sense of purpose, is integral to your success and can be inspiring to those around you. I’ve come to understand my appreciation of my life and my career all the more.  What’s more rewarding than that?

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