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Pediatric Dermatology Now at Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital

Pediatric dermatology treatment and care offered through affiliation with Advanced Dermatology Associates

Shane Swink, DO

Kids are not little adults, especially when it comes to their skin. From diaper rash to acne, they face their own unique set of skin-related challenges. That’s why Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital teamed up with Shane Swink, DO, and Advanced Dermatology Associates – so we can provide kids with pediatric dermatology care that’s designed just for them.

“A dermatologist changed my life as a child, I’m hoping to do the same for children here in the Lehigh Valley.” - Shane Swink, DO

Dr. Swink returns to the area after his pediatric dermatology fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Prior to his fellowship, Dr. Swink completed his internship and a three-year dermatology residency at Lehigh Valley Health Network. At CHOP, he obtained additional experience treating common conditions such as pediatric eczema, psoriasis, acne, hemangiomas and birthmark evaluations. He also gained significant exposure to the diagnosis and management of complex systemic diseases that can present with various skin manifestations.

With operating room privileges at Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital, Dr. Swink has the environment and tools he needs to identify and treat these conditions.

“Pediatric dermatologists receive additional training in the complex systemic management of disease in children, which includes knowing when to have children worked up with imaging or other testing,” he says. “We’re also trained in pediatric dosing of systemic injectables, as well as laser surgery for birthmarks and other issues. Parents shouldn’t have to take their kids to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia for this type of care.”

In terms of referrals, Dr. Swink says, “I’d much rather see a child for a nonissue than see a child that should have been brought in sooner. If it gets to a point where a dermatologic condition is not responding in the way a pediatrician expects, or the strengths and risks of an indicated topical or medication starts feeling like something that’s outside their wheelhouse, I’m here to provide support and my triage team always knows how to reach me.”

Compassionate and family-centered care

In addition to his knowledge around genetic skin disorders and systemic disease management, Dr. Swink prides himself on being able to communicate with children about procedures that can be scary or uncomfortable, such as skin sampling and biopsy, as well as calm their worried parents.

“For example, in children, eczema tends to be more common and severe. Often parents aren’t sleeping because their child is up,” Dr. Swink says. “It’s about family-centered care in these cases. Another component of this care is discussion around bullying, teasing and how to handle visible skin disease in children.”

Dr. Swink has great empathy for this aspect of living with a skin disorder. Growing up outside of Pittsburgh, he suffered from severe eczema himself.

“A dermatologist changed my life as a child,” he says. “I’m hoping to do the same for children here in the Lehigh Valley.”

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If your child is experiencing a skin-related issue, please schedule an appointment with your child’s pediatrician who, if necessary, can provide you with a referral to see Dr. Swink at Advanced Dermatology Associates.

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