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Top Baby Names at Lehigh Valley Health Network for 2021 Match Most Popular Baby Names Nationwide

LVHN Baby Names

Parents delivering their newborns at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) in 2021 through early December are generally keeping with the national trends when it comes to what to name their latest addition to the family. At LVHN, Olivia is the most popular name for girls this year. It is also the most popular name around the country for 2021 according to

Of nearly 6,000 births at LVHN so far in 2021, 35 girls were named Olivia, and it was the most popular name among girls born at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono. Coming in a close second among girls’ names were Emma and Charlotte. Emma also is the second most popular name for girls nationally this year and has been among the leading names given to girls at LVHN the past several years.

On the boys’ side of the ledger, Liam edged out Noah as the most popular name at LVHN, the same result nationally. Forty-eight Liams and 47 Noahs were born this year at LVHN. The third most popular boy’s name was Lucas, which ranks fifth nationally per

In scanning this year’s list, other interesting findings show other names that remain popular include Charlotte, Isabella, Sophia and Chloe. Two girls born at LVH-Hazleton were named Hazel, as was one girl born at LVH-Pocono. LVH-Pocono also had a Heart on the list. There’s a Diva and a Dior among the girls, too.

For boys Elija, Jacob and Logan are popular as are some traditional top runners including Matthew, John and Joseph, but you’ll also find more unique monikers like King, Mordechai and despite living among a mostly Philadelphia Eagles fanbase in eastern Pa., there also is one Dallas on this year’s list.

And as it is the Christmas season, you’ll also find one Saint and more than a handful of Nicholas’s with various spellings.

The popularity of names does vary by region. For instance, while Emma, Olivia and Charlotte led the way among girls’ names in the Lehigh Valley, Alaia and Gianna were the most popular in the Hazleton area, Olivia and Luna in the Poconos, and Ava, Charlotte and Kinsley in Schuylkill County. Among boys, Noah and Liam were the front-runners at LVHN’s Lehigh Valley and Hazleton hospitals, Lucas, Liam and Elias topped the list at LVH-Pocono and Michael, Lincoln and Noah were picked the most at LVH-Schuylkill.  

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