Online Resources for Families

Support for caregivers

  1. Mothers of Sexually Abused Children
  2. Parenting a Child Who Has Been Sexually Abused: A Guide for Foster and Adoptive Parents
  3. Parenting education and support
  4. Early childhood education and child care support
  5. Helping children and teenagers recover from traumatic events
  6. Lehigh Valley community resources

Support for boys and men

  1. helps men who’ve been sexually abused, assaulted, or raped.
  2. Support for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse or Assault 

Support for children of incarcerated parents

  1. Support for children with parents in prison
  2. Little children, Big challenges: incarceration


  1. Youth development program helps kids earn a bike
  2. Mentoring program for youth ages 12-17
  3. Programs to promote the development of young people
  4. Allentown YMCA: Programs to support healthy development of youth and families
  5. Empowering girls through running
  6. Mentoring program

Support for LGBT Community

  1. Provides support for LGBT youth
  2. Youth group for LGBT youth

Community and domestic violence

  1. Domestic violence services
  2. Provides support to victims of violence
  3. Resources for victims of human trafficking
  4. Lehigh County Humane Society: Rescues injured animals and investigates animal cruelty

Child abuse

  1. ChildLine and Abuse Registry
  2. Lehigh County Office of Child and Youth Services


  1. Lehigh Valley Coordinated Entry Walk-in Access Sites: Lehigh Valley Coordinated Entry for anyone seeking homeless services

Early Childhood Development

  1. Department of Human Services: Early Intervention provides support and services to children with developmental delays
  2. Support healthy attachment for babies and parents
  3. Information on child development from pregnancy to 8 years old

Support for teens

  1. Prevention and intervention resources for youth
  2. Support group for youth involved in mental health, substance use, juvenile justice and foster care systems
  3. offers a variety of programs to support youth and families

Support for mental health

  1. Lehigh County Department of Human Services Mental Health: Referrals for mental health services including crisis intervention
  2. Provides behavioral health care for children and families