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Pre-employment Services

LVHN Occupational Medicine offers the following pre-employment services.

Pre-placement physical exam

Typically conducted post-offer and prior to starting the job, pre-placement physical exams can help avoid placement of an applicant in a position that may aggravate an underlying medical condition. The basic components of the pre-placement physical include: Health history, physical exam, vision screen, blood pressure, pulse, height and weight. Physical exams can be tailored to the requirements of the company/position if there are additional needs.

Medical surveillance tests

Medical surveillance tests at the start of employment create baselines to be used as a reference against the results of future testing. Regular monitoring over time can identify changes in health status which might indicate potential workplace exposures and allow the company to address any concerns proactively. Audiograms, pulmonary function tests and blood tests are among the various tests available.


Immunizations, vaccinations, and/or other laboratory testing in compliance with Dept. of Health, Centers for Disease Control, and other regulatory agencies, can also be added as part of the pre-placement exam. This can include tuberculosis screening, various titers (tests to measure immunity), hepatitis B vaccination, tetanus vaccination update, annual flu shot, as well as many other available screens.

Substance abuse tests

All LVHN Occupational Medicine locations offer a variety of laboratory and rapid result drug screens. Breath alcohol tests also can be conducted. Substance abuse tests are very often added on to pre-placement exams to assure a drug-free workplace.

Physical Capabilities Test/Pre-Work Screens

Also known as a “lift test,” these tests assess a job candidate’s ability for positions that require significant lifting, bending, twisting, or other physically demanding activities. The primary reason for screening is to hire workers who can safely perform the required tasks, but other benefits include: assurance of fair hiring practices, promotion of safety, reduction of injury, and improved efficiency. 

Pre-work screenings are performed in coordination with LVHN’s Rehabilitation and Fitness departments. The specific pre-work screen used can be:

  • Established by the employer
  • A standard test with company-defined weight limits
  • A custom-designed test developed by an LVHN Occupational Medicine expert, based on the company’s written job description. 

Note: To assure that the screen is representative of the actual job demands, job description(s) must exist and be provided to the LVHN Occupational Medicine location prior to the performance of pre-work screens. Clinical assistance in developing functional job descriptions can be obtained.

For more information about LVHN Occupational Medicine services, contact or call Scott Appnel at 610-969-2972.

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