Nancy Matheny

Mindfulness teacher

nancy matheny

Before beginning her mindfulness journey, Nancy was a corporate executive at Crayola and Hallmark, where she spent much of her career leading crisis management and communication teams.  “In my job, I was constantly looking for what could go wrong. Eventually, this kind of hypervigilance invaded my personal life. I realized I was living with chronic low-level anxiety that was affecting my health and my capacity for joy.”

Looking for more peace of mind, she turned to meditation several years ago, but her practice was sporadic and unfocused. “It wasn’t until I took the eight-week MBSR course through the Center for Mindfulness that I found relief from the psychological and physical symptoms I was experiencing.”

She joined the CFM apprentice-teaching program in 2018 because she knows, firsthand, that mindfulness can change lives, by improving our health, our well-being, and our happiness. Nancy also teaches mindfulness for the Shanthi Project.

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