Clinical Trial:

Blood glucose monitoring for pregnant women with diabetes

Full Name

Diabetes in Pregnant Women: Blood glucose monitoring system by Telcare in the management of a small cohort of pregnant patients with Type 1 and 2 diabetes (1_PRO00000723)


Patients participating in the LVHN Comprehensive Diabetes in Pregnancy Program (CDIPP) whose gestational stage is 24 weeks or earlier, and who have completed four weeks of standard CDIPP management with paper log entry will be invited to participate in this study. Participants will complete a brief questionnaire and will be provided with the wireless Telcare Glucose Monitoring System along with instructions for its use. Participants will record their blood glucose with Telcare for a total of eight weeks, after which time they complete a questionnaire to gauge their satisfaction with the new system. In addition, information will be collected from participants’ medical records relating to their deliveries and their newborns.


Inclusion Criteria

o Pregnant women, ages 16 – 55
o Gestational age 24 weeks or older
o Participating in LVHN Comprehensive Diabetes in Pregnancy Program
o Using insulin or oral agents to control blood glucose
o English fluency
o Cannot be diagnosed with gestational diabetes

Doctor(s) Running This Study


  • Endocrinology (Diabetes and Metabolism)

Area of focus i

  • diabetes in pregnancy
  • thyroid disorders in pregnancy

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