Clinical Trial: Cancer

Total Cancer Care

Full Name

Tissue Repository: Total Cancer Care Protocol: A Lifetime Partnership with Patients Who Have or May be at Risk of Having Cancer (2_PRO00000867)


This is not a treatment study. This study is designed to create a centralized clinical data and tissue repository that will be used for future cancer research. The study will collect blood, tissue, and/or other biological samples (only blood and tissue is being collected at this time by LVHN) and their associated data (survey data, medical records data, cancer registry data, etc.). People who agree to participate may be asked to fill out medical and health questionnaires as part of their standard medical care visit. Clinical and related data will be collected on all patients from the time of initial entry into the study and continue for life. Excess tissue samples may be collected at the time of any resectional surgery. Additional research tumor samples may be collected at the time of any diagnostic needle biopsy, endoscopic biopsy or from a previous procedure.


Inclusion Criteria

o Must be 18 years of age or older
o Must be diagnosed with cancer or at risk for cancer (LVHN is only collecting samples for the following cancers: lung, breast, colorectal, prostate, gastric and melanoma)
o Must be able to understand and sign consent

Doctor(s) Running This Study


  • Hematology/Medical Oncology

Area of focus i

  • Melanoma
  • Kidney cancer (renal cancer)
  • Sarcoma

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LVPG Cliniciani

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