Cancer pain

For patients with cancer, pain is sometimes a difficult part of the journey. Learn more about cancer pain and how Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute can help you.

At the Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute, we will help you by identifying the source of pain and recommending treatments to reduce it.

It’s common to experience pain during cancer treatment. Pain may be caused by cancer itself, treatment or other factors.  If you experience pain, please let your care team know. We can help you manage and reduce it.

About cancer pain

Cancer pain can take many forms, including:

  • A shooting or tingling sensation
  • Pain with certain movements, such as coughing
  • Sharp jabs of pain, even when sitting still
  • Dull aches
  • Pain that’s difficult to describe
  • Phantom pain, which happens after surgically removing a part of the body, such as after a mastectomy for breast cancer

Learn about Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute’s Pain Management Center and how it can help you.

Pain may last after treatment

It is possible that pain may continue after cancer treatment ends. Our palliative care program (OACIS), can help you manage chronic pain. We coordinate pain management treatments and support services that help you feel better. Find out more about palliative care for cancer.