Jordan McCool, AuD

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT and Otolaryngology), Audiology

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  • English

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Philosophy of care

As an audiologist my goal is to provide you individualized care by understanding your unique communication needs and working together to solve them. I believe it's also important to provide guidance to your family and friends to overcome daily struggles and achieve positive strategies needed for successful communication with you.

Why I entered medicine

My grandfather was extremely hard of hearing. Watching his daily struggle to hear and frustration when communicating kind of pushed me into audiology. The frustration was not only on his end, but on our family's end as well. I wanted to help both my grandfather and other people hear better and communicate better. Hearing loss has a really big impact on social lives and overall well-being. My goal is helping patients come to terms with their hearing loss and live a fulfilling life.

Personal interests

When I'm not working, you can find me with friends and family, at the gym, or playing with my puppy, Remi!


Bloomsburg University, BS - Speech Pathology & Audiology, 2014

Salus University, Doctorate of Audiology, 2019


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