Student Activities and Organizations

Counseling/Guidance Program

The Joseph F. McCloskey School of Nursing at Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Counseling and Guidance Program is designed to assist students in adjusting to school life and responsibilities. Each student is assigned to a nursing faculty counselor. Following the initial meeting, students may schedule appointments as needed. Nursing faculty counselors primarily assist students with academic/curriculum-related problems as well as development of skills essential for academic success. Referral of students to other professionals, agencies, or services will be made as needs are identified. The complete Counseling and Guidance Program can be found in the Student Handbook.

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program is a professional counseling service provided through the School of Nursing to assist students and their families in coping with problems that could result in serious deterioration of health, family life, and academic performance. Students may be referred by faculty and/or required to attend by the Director of the School.

Additional information about the Student Assistance Program can be found in the Student Handbook.

Peer Tutoring Program: Peer Assisted Learning for Success (PALS)

The purpose of peer tutoring is to assist students to become academically successful. It serves as an adjunctive service to peer support and tutoring offered by faculty. Learning assistance focuses on development of a variety of learning skills such as study habits, note-taking, time management, test taking, stress management, organization, etc. Peer tutors must meet academic criteria and successfully complete an orientation and training program.

Students may request the service or be recommended by faculty. Students also have the option of using tutors or services provided by Alvernia University, Schuylkill Center. For additional information, refer to Student Handbook.

Student Mentor Program

The purpose of the Student Mentor Program is to extend a welcome and offer of friendship to the incoming student. Senior students initiate communication with the entering students and continue ongoing communication throughout the program.

Social Activities and Recreation

Throughout the year, students have formal and informal social functions that are planned by School Administration, the Student Association, or individual classes. The Pottsville Area and Schuylkill County offer a variety of recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities. The Schuylkill Symphony, Community Chorus, and Guest Concert Series offer programs regularly. Lectures, programs, and a variety of social functions offered by Alvernia University and Schuylkill County Council for the Arts are available to students.

Several facilities are available in the community for students who are interested in fitness and workout programs. A variety of restaurants and shopping centers are also nearby. Churches of all denominations are located in the city of Pottsville and services are scheduled in the hospital chapel.

Student Organizations

Student Association

All students are members of the Student Association. The purpose of the Association is to provide self-governance in a democratic manner; serve as a channel of communication between the student body, faculty, and administration; and promote scholarship, professionalism, problem-solving, leadership, and team work.

For by-laws of the Student Association, see the Student Handbook.

Student Council

The Student Council membership consists of Student Association officers, President/representative of each class, Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) representative, advisors of the Association, class advisors, and the Director of the School (ex-officio). The Council’s purpose is to guide and direct Student Association affairs.

Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP)

Membership in SNAP is open to all students who wish to participate. It is independently organized and governed by student members. The Joseph F. McCloskey School of Nursing chapter is one of many throughout the State and is part of the National Student Nurses’ Association. The purpose of SNAP is to assist students to develop an awareness of professional role responsibilities, foster interest in professional matters, as well as to provide quality health care to all people. Student members have the opportunity to attend State and National conventions and run for office at these levels.

Student Representation on Faculty Committees

Each year students are elected by their class to serve as representatives to Learning Resources and Curriculum Committees.

Student representation to the Student Services Committee consists of the President of the Junior and Senior class, the Student Association President, and the SNAP representative.

The President of the Junior and Senior class and the President of the Student Association also serve as representatives to the Coordinating Committee between the School of Nursing and Nursing Service.

A representative from the Junior and Senior classes serve on the Student Health and Safety Subcommittee of the Student Services Committee.

Student members participate in all committee activities and have voting privileges.

It is the responsibility of the elected students to get an alternate to replace them if they are unable to attend a meeting.

Student Publications

The School Catalog and Student Handbook are reviewed annually and revised as necessary with student assistance. A newsletter, “Nightingale News”, is published by the Student Association.

Alumni Association

All graduates of Joseph F. McCloskey School of Nursing at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Schuylkill County are encouraged to become members of the School’s Alumni Association as well as other professional and specialty nursing organizations. Graduates are also encouraged to continue their professional growth through continuing education.