Get to know Merissa Misiura, MD, internal medicine resident.

Career goal: Hematology/oncology fellowship

“As a Lehigh Valley native, it has always been a dream of mine to be a physician at LVHN, and I get to live out my dream every day, taking care of my local community.”

What makes your LVHN training program different from others across the country?

Our program here at LVHN truly emphasizes the importance of work-life balance. Despite the challenges and difficulties of residency, our 4+1 scheduling is one of the many ways in which our program allows us to manage our busy work schedules and personal lives. I think another feature of our program that sets us apart from others is the support amongst the residents. For example, one of my senior residents included me in a case report as soon as he knew I was interested in hematology/oncology. Our residents go above and beyond for one another without hesitation, which I think is a defining characteristic of our program.

What has been unique about your training experience so far?

The unique part of my training experience thus far has been the dedication to our learning environment. LVHN is a robust academic center within a community hospital setting, which I think is the best of both worlds. Our clinical experience here at LVHN is unparalleled. Participating in the management of acutely ill patients while also caring for underserved individuals in our outpatient clinic is such an extraordinary experience that fosters our goal of being well-rounded physicians.

What is one memory you have from your training so far that will stick with you for your career?

Although there will be many memories that I will carry with me from my time in residency, I think one of the most important memories is the endless support and encouragement from my co-residents and administrative staff. Our close-knit residency program is something that I will always be grateful for, and I know that my success is only possible because of the positivity that I am surrounded by.

What is one piece of advice you would share with someone as they select a training program?

There is without a doubt so many important aspects that go into selecting a residency program. I think finding a program that fits your personality is key. If you are someone who thrives in a smaller group setting, then you may benefit from a program with a smaller class size. You will be spending a significant amount of time in the hospital with your co-residents, and feeling comfortable in that environment is paramount. I found it very helpful to make a list of top priorities, such as location, program size, in-house fellowships, for example, and then finding programs that checked those boxes. 

What does it mean to be a resident at LVHN?

Being a resident at LVHN has been such a rewarding experience. With our diverse patient population, we have the opportunity to manage unique pathology alongside some of the best attending physicians. As a Lehigh Valley native, it has always been a dream of mine to be a physician at LVHN, and I get to live out my dream every day, taking care of my local community.

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