Pharmacy Residency Research Opportunities

The pharmacy resident is required to complete one major research project, present the findings at the Eastern States Conference or similar regional conference (podium presentation preferred) and prepare a manuscript that is acceptable for publication as deemed by both the research preceptor and the residency program director. The pharmacy resident is also required to complete and present the results of a medication use evaluation in poster format at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. The results of the medication use evaluation will also be presented to the Therapeutics Committee.

Residency research project and medication use evaluation topics are submitted by program preceptors each year, compiled and provided to the resident for review. The preceptor who developed the idea will facilitate development of methods, navigation of the organization’s research process, achievement of deadlines and successful completion of the project. Assistance with study design and statistics will be offered by institutional biostatisticians. Poster production is supported by a design vendor.

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