Get to know Dominique Jacobs, DO, transitional year resident.

Career goal: Dermatology

What makes your LVHN training program different from others across the country?

The camaraderie makes this program special. All specialties work together to provide optimal patient care. I always feel comfortable reaching out to attendings and asking questions, which is extremely important to me.

What has been the most extraordinary part of your training experience so far?

I’ve been in the outpatient clinic this month, which has given me great exposure to patients of many backgrounds. LVHN provides care to a number of urban, suburban and rural areas all over eastern Pennsylvania.

What is one memory you have from your training so far that will stick with you for your career?

Submitting my first order as a physician and signing my first note were big moments. It’s a nostalgic feeling transitioning from student to physician.

What is one piece of advice you would share with someone as they select a training program?

It’s important to choose a program that makes you feel welcomed and appreciated. Look for a place that encourages you to be a better version of yourself. You want that perfect combination of having autonomy, but never feeling alone.

What does it mean to be a resident at LVHN?

Being a resident at LVHN means you are part of a community that heals, comforts and cares for all people. You may be a resident in training, but your voice is always heard and you are always respected by your peers.

Transitional Year Residency

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