Case Management

Here’s what you can expect:

When an injured worker comes to an LVHN Occupational Medicine location, they receive appropriate treatment with the goal that they immediately return to work. When that happens, your employee should return to the workplace upon discharge and provide any relevant information. In those instances, case management doesn’t get involved. 

In the rare instance when our provider needs to place an injured employee off-work, an LVHN clinician or RN case manager communicates with the designated company contact to inform them, pass on details and answer any questions.

Communication continues between the clinic, company representative and/or insurance claims adjuster throughout treatment of the employee. Typical communication includes:

  • Questions and answers
  • Treatment/condition updates
  • Return to duty and/or light duty parameters
  • Education regarding treatment, conditions
  • Applicable compliance issues

It’s important to note: Completion of care and the case manager’s involvement concludes when either the Provider has cleared the employee to return to work, or the Employee is referred to a different physician’s office or department to receive more specialized care. 

In cases where the employee needs specialized service (physical rehabilitation, surgeon, etc.), the case manager can facilitate the first appointment for the employee. 

Case managers’ mission:

  • To give the communication and information employers need to make informed decisions regarding their injured employee.
  • To facilitate worker care to minimize any time of disability.

For more information about LVHN Occupational Medicine services, contact or call Scott Appnel at 610-969-2972.