Growing Resilience with Mindfulness program

Lehigh Valley Health Network is offering a new program designed for its colleagues. This 4-week, 10-hour program will introduce participants to mindfulness and self-compassion, both of which have been shown to build resilience. With mindfulness, we learn to pay attention to the present moment with curiosity. Relaxation is one of the first benefits of this practice. We learn to see events as neutral and our reactions to them as within our control. With self-compassion, we can begin to treat ourselves with more kindness especially when things don’t go our way.

Participants will learn brief formal meditation practices and informal practices which can be practiced throughout the day. The program will include home practice support materials. Home practice will be required so that participants will complete the program with basic meditation and self-compassion skills.

Overall Objectives:

  • Identify internal and external stress and how it is experienced in the body.
  • Recognize habitual patterns of appraisal and reactivity.
  • Realize that there are alternative ways of seeing and understanding. Things are not just as they seem. It’s not just personal.
  • Mindfulness opens possibilities for new seeing, responding and communicating.
  • Self-compassion builds resiliency through generating and replenishing our capacity to work with unpleasant and challenging experiences.

The program will be offered for free to all LVHN colleagues on a quarterly basis at different sites and times to accommodate colleague needs. To find out more about mindfulness and to see if you’re interested, view this orientation session by clicking the link here.

For more general information about Mindfulness and the LVHN Center for Mindfulness go to