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In the battle against cancer, you want every available weapon on your side. To help provide you with the most advanced cancer care, Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute is a member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Alliance so we take your cancer fight to a new level. Cancer Institute patients have access to MSK clinical trials, which accelerates the data-collection process so investigational treatments can be approved faster and become available to more patients. Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute is currently participating in elite cancer trials, including:

Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry (TAPUR)

Affiliated with the federal government’s Cancer Moonshot program to accelerate cancer research, the TAPUR study provides eligible patients with medication not yet approved by the FDA for their particular cancer type and collects data on the clinical response. Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute is one of only two TAPUR sites in Pennsylvania.


The purpose of the Strata study is to investigate the genes in a patient’s tumor, provide a report back to their doctor, and collect data about whether this information helps doctors in treating patients with approved medicines or helps study doctors to enroll subjects in clinical trials. Some cancer patients have tumors with particular mutations, which may be treated with “targeted therapy” drugs. Some may be available through prescription, or some may be available on a clinical trial. Subjects enrolled on the Strata trial will submit left-over tumor tissue to test for these mutations, and a test report will be provided to their physician at no cost to the patient.  

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MSK Cancer Alliance Membership

In the fight against cancer, you want to have access to the latest advances in care. Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute is a proud member of the MSK Cancer Alliance, which provides patients with even more lifesaving care options, close to home.

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