LVHN Fitness–Muhlenberg

1770 Bathgate Road
3rd Floor
Bethlehem, PA 18017
United States

General Facility Hours
Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Group Fitness Class Schedule and Descriptions

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Class descriptions

Fitness, Balance & Stability – A 60 minute comprehensive class focusing on the improvement of overall fitness, balance and stability in the body. Participants will take part in various exercises greatly increasing their balance, dexterity and stability. All fitness levels are welcome. Join us for class and get in tune with your body.
Boot Camp – 60 minutes of challenging exercises that encourage muscle strengthening and endurance circuit style fitness!
BuMP Yoga – A 60 minute class designed for the expectant or new mother, pre and postnatal yoga classes offer you a chance to clear your mind from your daily routine and a stress relieving outlet to bond with the baby in your belly or your newborn. The classes will focus primarily on the physical, mental and emotional benefits that come from the practice of yoga. Babies up to 6 months welcome!
Cardiac Fitness – Health promotion and well-being for individuals transitioning from Cardiac Rehab into everyday fitness.
Cardio Cross Training – 60 minute class combining cardiovascular intervals with strength and core conditioning.
Cardio KUSHH! – A 60 minute total body workout using the latest in Step technology. This workout integrates strength, cardio, and core training using the KUSHH! Step. (7 max participants due to amount of steps)
Chisel – 60 minute weighted workout targeting multiple muscle groups to sculpt and challenge your body.
Core Synergy – 30 minutes of abdominals and low back strengthening and stretching.
Making Treads Club – A 45-minute expertly designed training program on the treadmill. Gain a great foundation of miles and speed with motivation! For all levels with any goal! Available all day on Wednesdays.
Member Orientation – 60 minutes of introduction to the equipment in LVHN Fitness. Proper setup and technique demonstration. Appropriate for all fitness levels. Individualized exercise programs are not provided during these sessions.
Every Body’s Yoga – A 60 minute class incorporating the fundamentals of Yoga basics while enhancing strength and flexibility through the progressions of the Sun Salutations. This class is recommended for all levels of Yoga participation.
Exercise for Life – A 60 minute class that’s perfect for anyone new to exercise and individuals with physical limitations. Involves light low-impact movement, followed by chair exercises utilizing light resistance.
Get Up & Go – Health promotion and well-being for individuals dealing with the physiological and psychological challenges of movement disorders.
Post Rehab Fitness – Health promotion and well-being for individuals transitioning from Physical / Occupational Therapy into everyday fitness.
Relaxing Yoga – 60 minutes of a gentle form of yoga that includes mindful mat poses to reduce stress and assist in rebalancing your life, with a strong emphasis on “the breath”.
Senior Stretch – 30 minutes of low intensity stretching designed for seniors and older adults. This class is built to increase flexibility, balance, and range of motion.
S.T.A.T. (Strength Train and Tone) – 30 minutes of circuit training. Moderate to high intensity.
Staying Strong – 60 minute workout combining low-impact cardio, strength training to maintain muscle mass and enhance bone density.
Very Gentle Yoga – 60 minute class format that includes a very gentle form of yoga appropriate for individuals who have physical limitations. Many poses are adaptable to utilizing a chair.