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As a leader in digital health, we are your at-home partner. That means you can get quality care, right from your couch.

Whether you’re due for a routine visit, need to speak with a specialist or an unexpected health care need arises, Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) has virtual care options for you and your family. The best part? You’ll always be seen by an LVHN provider who is able to view your medical records at the click of a button.

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First download the MyLVHN mobile app. MyLVHN is a secure patient portal, which means you'll not only be able to meet with a provider virtually, you'll have access your health information, billing and much more.


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With four different virtual care options available, you can choose a visit style that works best for you or your child:

LVHN Virtual Office Appointments

See a specialist or a primary care provider.

Do you or your child need to speak with an LVPG provider? How about a specialist? No problem. Call your preferred provider or specialist to request an appointment. They can determine if a video visit or an in-person appointment is needed. 

LVPG pediatric video visits are available for children of all ages.

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ExpressCARE Appointments

Self-schedule appointments for minor illnesses and injuries. 

You can schedule an appointment for your minor illness or injury right in the MyLVHN app. Children’s ExpressCARE appointments are available for children of all ages.

To schedule, simply log on to MyLVHN, click on the “Video Visit” icon and answer a few questions. 


Learn more about ExpressCARE Video Visits


Learn more about Children’s ExpressCARE Video Visits.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Video Screening 

Complete a virtual screening to offer guidance.

If you think you may have COVID-19 or if you have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 and you aren’t feeling well, get a COVID-19 Video Screening. There’s no need to schedule an appointment. Just open your MyLVHN mobile app and click on “COVID-19 Video Screening.” Screenings are offered daily between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Don’t have time for a video visit or feeling a little camera shy? E-Visits offer a convenient alternative. 


Consult with a provider through an interactive questionnaire.

Finding time for a video visit isn’t always easy – we get it. That’s why we offer E-Visits. If you are experiencing common urgent care symptoms or if you are a current rehabilitation patient, you can fill out an interactive questionnaire. Your responses will be sent to an LVHN provider or specialist for review. You will receive a reply within one business day (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). You’ll be able to ask questions and get next steps – all through the messaging function in MyLVHN.

E-Visits are available for children and adults. To begin your E-Visit, log in to or your MyLVHN mobile app. From the main "Menu," select "E-Visits." On the next screen, select the type of E-Visit you want to have. Parents or guardians will need proxy access to their child's MyLVHN account.

Good to know: Messages sent via MyLVHN may result in an E-Visit

MyLVHN provides you with a secure way to send a message to your health care provider. Messages sent through MyLVHN are appropriate for non-urgent health-related concerns that you might have, such as if you have a question about a test result or if it is okay to increase physical activity.

When your health care provider reviews your message, she or he may see that you have many questions or concerns, or your question is of a more complex nature that requires additional information. In that case, your health care provider will likely suggest in a reply message that an E-Visit would be a more appropriate way to provide the right care for you.

Through an E-Visit, you will have an opportunity to get your questions answered, much like an office visit, and if follow-up care is needed, it will be recommended. You will receive a reply within one business day (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). E-Visits are another way your LVPG and LVHN health care teams provide comprehensive health care to you.

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