LVPG Advanced Spine Center-Hecktown Oaks

LVHN’s Advanced Spine Center was the first program in the region to coordinate care across multiple specialties. The Advanced Spine Center at LVHN is a comprehensive program designed to help people get the care they need for back pain relief with a focus on conservative therapy, usually starting with physical therapy. With this service, our goal is to correctly assess your condition and assure you are scheduled with the most appropriate caregiver as quickly as possible.

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LVH-Hecktown Oaks LVPG Advanced Spine Center
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Make an appointment

You or your primary care provider can reach the Advanced Spine Center directly by calling 888-402-LVHN (5846).

Medical history

During the call, you speak to a nurse navigator who specializes in neck, back and spine conditions. The nurse takes a detailed medical history including your symptoms, any injuries and previous imaging scans or treatments you’ve had.

Next steps

After the phone call, the nurse navigator:

  1. Reviews the information and uses sophisticated software to help determine your next steps
  2. Discusses treatment options with you
  3. Updates your referring and primary care physicians about treatment recommendations
  4. Helps you schedule your next appointment with a provider
  5. Sends a report of the phone call to the appropriate care provider before your appointment