Adolescent Medicine

Life as a teenager or young adult can be overwhelming because of the physical, social, emotional and academic pressures they face. At Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital, children ages 12 to 25 may benefit from receiving their care from a specialist who recognizes their unique challenges.

Adolescents and young adults have specific health needs because they are experiencing rapid physical and emotional changes. Adolescent medicine specialists partner with parents to help them raise confident, healthy children who will make smart choices and stand up to the pressures they will face.

Adolescent medicine specialists are primary care physicians who have extra training in the form of a fellowship to learn to care for the unique needs of teens and young adults.

Building trust with adolescent patients

The adolescent medicine specialists at Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital follow the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendation of a yearly exam. We give our teenage patients the chance to meet with us without parents or caregivers present.

One-on-one time with adolescent patients allows us to develop a relationship built on trust – so they feel comfortable seeking our help for sensitive issues. We give your teen access to an adolescent medicine specialist as well as:

Adolescent medicine specialists provide comprehensive care

Adolescent medicine specialists have experience and training to care for many patient needs. Your teen may seek the following level of support from an adolescent medicine specialist.

Teen-specific health needs

To meet the unique health care needs of teens, we:

  • Treat skin conditions like acne
  • Manage headaches and chronic pain
  • Treat reproductive health and gynecological conditions
  • Provide care for depression
  • Treat eating disorders

Reproductive or sexuality concerns

As children transition into adulthood, hormonal and societal influences ramp up. We provide care and support related to:

Developmental or intellectual concerns

We provide effective care and support for learning disorders and attention problems affecting learning. We encourage academic success and help teens locate resources to succeed in school. If needed, we collaborate with your child’s school to ensure all educational and medical needs are met.

Social and emotional concerns

Teens report higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress, which can lead to self-esteem and sleep issues. We provide behavioral health programs that help teens manage the triggers causing psychosocial symptoms.

We are at the forefront of identifying and treating adolescent mental health disorders. A primary focus is preventing suicide in vulnerable teens. We partner with mental health providers and offer both an inpatient and outpatient program to support teens in crisis.

Substance abuse

One of our primary goals is to help teens make smart choices when it comes to nicotine, alcohol and drugs. We provide education and counseling to help adolescents confidently say no to behaviors that could lead to substance abuse.

Healthy nutrition

Childhood and teenage rates for being overweight or obese have skyrocketed. Obesity leads to chronic health conditions including diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

Eating disorders also can lead to serious health problems for children and teens. As the only hospital in the region providing care for eating disorders, we strive to help children develop a healthy relationship with food, emphasizing quality nutrition. And we encourage making physical fitness a habit.

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