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Cancer Financial Coordination Services

When you are living with cancer, you may worry about medical bills and out-of-pocket costs. Free assistance from our financial coordinators can help ease your concerns so you can focus on your well-being.

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Our cancer financial coordination services are available to you at no cost. We are happy to meet with you and your family to listen to your concerns and explain how we can help.

We help many people receive much-needed information and support. We start by answering your questions about health insurance coverage, medication costs and medical bills. Next, we determine your eligibility to receive services at no cost or a reduced rate. Lastly, we connect you with financial aid opportunities through cancer support agencies.

Cancer financial coordination services from Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute

Financial coordinators are available in all Cancer Institute locations, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Our services include:

Helping you get the most out of your insurance coverage

We help minimize potential out-of-pocket costs by:

  • Discussing which services are covered through your insurance plan, and which ones are not
  • Coordinating with your physician’s office to file an appeal if your insurance company denies (doesn’t pay the full amount) a claim related to your care
  • Showing you how to obtain additional coverage, if necessary, through secondary insurance

Explaining your medical bills and out-of-pocket costs

We help you make sense of your medical bills and take necessary action by:

  • Showing you how to read a bill
  • Avoiding out-of-pocket costs by asking questions
  • Identifying sources to help you pay your out-of-pocket costs, including co-pay relief programs
  • Helping you apply for the Lehigh Valley Health Network Financial Assistance Program
  • Setting up a monthly payment plan, if you qualify

Exploring financial assistance options to cover medication costs

Financial coordinators help ease the financial burden of paying the out-of-pocket portion of cancer medications by:

  • Determining whether you qualify for free or reduced-cost medications through drug company assistance programs
  • Helping you get discounts on certain medications
  • Explaining Pennsylvania’s Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly (PACE) program (if you are a low-income senior)

Your information is safe with us

The information you share with our cancer financial coordinators remains confidential. We do everything necessary to protect it. We only share this information with organizations that need to see it. For example, with your permission we may share your information with a cancer support agency if we determine you are eligible for their services. For more information, read our privacy policy.

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